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Shylock - 'Rock Buster'


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Hear are some samples of their great new disc:




All 6 tunes on myspace that feature on the new album are excellent, imo. Especially love 'Rose of Cairo', 'Rumours' (different, but very cool) and 'Sunshine vs (werses) rain'.




SHYLOCK "RockBuster" tracklist:


01.Damn Good



04.Sunshine vs. Rain

05.Just For U


07.Rose Of Cairo


09.Somebody Else

10.The Moment

11.We Are

12.Wrong Planet


Release date: 26/02/10


I really have to give credit to these guys. I always grouped them with Crystal Ball and Shakra. All three bands burst onto the scene back around 2000 with an awesome brand of heavy rock. Shylock and Shakra had identical debuts (I seriously can't tell them apart, in black and white artwork or in style, lol) while Crystal Ball tore the genre apart with their first two classic albums. Shakra then also released two great albums in succession, while Shylock released the solid 'Pyronized' followed by the 100% improvement that was 'Welcome to illusion'. I honestly thought they'd done their dash there and that was their peak. It's still easy to argue that that album is their best, but while Crystal Ball and Shakra proceeded to release more and more disappointing CDs, one after another - all sounding identical and bland, Shylock didn't stay stuck on that one sound and actually became more melodic and better song writers as time went on. IMO, 'Devotion' is argubaly just as good as 'Welcome to illusion', and this new one, 'Rock Buster' is again right on par at least. The only odd thing about 'Devotion' was that super, super tight production job which produced a sound I've never really heard before on a CD. The production job is still amazingly crisp again on the new one, but there's more balls this time round and definitely some heavier guitar.


If you ask me, this is right on par with the last two and these guys have really, really hit stride. In the early days Crystal Ball and Shakra had it over them easily, but these days they absolutely DESTROY those two bands. I just hope everyone checks out this latest CD and has their last two. Truly a band that deserves the support of melodic hard rock lovers.

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This took 2-3 spins for me, but it's not too bad at all. It's sitting at a 7 out of 10 for me so far. The production is pretty good and the guitars kick ass

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My two faves at the moment are the killer opener 'Damn good' and the closer, 'Wrong Planet'. Man I love those two songs. Perfect ways to open and close a disc.

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