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Shawn Of Fire

UNCLE SLAM - Say Uncle

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UNCLE SLAM Free Shipping EXTENDED - to ORDER go to:






We are so overwhelmed with the support for this release that we have decided to extend our offer of FREE SHIPPING on all domestic orders of Say Uncle for one more week! If you already picked up your copy, we thank you, but be sure to tell your friends about the extension in case they were unable to pick one up. We thank you all for your continued support of our reissue label!




UNCLE SLAM’s Say Uncle was released in 1988 and featured former Suicidal Tendencies drummer, Amery Smith (he performed on their now classic debut album). Upon its release Say Uncle was immediately recognizable thanks to it’s distinctive and iconic artwork created by artist, Michael Seiff, who at the time was becoming more popular with help from bands like Suicidal Tendencies, Excel, No Mercy and Wasted Youth already having had his artwork grace their most recent albums. Besides the slick cover art Uncle Slam had equally impressive production due to Randy Burns being brought on board to work with the band. He was responsible for some of the metal scene’s most impressive releases to date like Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying (Megadeth), Darkness Descends (Dark Angel), Seven Churches (Possessed) and Scream Bloody Gore (Death).


In most critics’ minds UNCLE SLAM’s Say Uncle may not be known as the most innovative album of the 1980’s Thrash era, but it most definitely stands right alongside the likes of I Hate Therefore I Am (Cyclone Temple), Born To Expire (Leeway) Mind Wars (Holy Terror), Beast On My Back (Crumbsuckers) Kill To Survive (Meliah Rage) as one of collectors’ favorite, yet critically underappreciated albums ever released. Say Uncle has an undeniable crossover appeal to any Thrash Metal fans looking for an additional dose of hardcore styled aggression.


Now being out of print for nearly 20 years we are happy to bring this previous “holy grail” back to life for the fans (new or old) to discover and enjoy all over again!






- First time on CD outside JAPAN

- Out of print for nearly 20 years until now

- Limited Edition of 1,000 units (CD ONLY - Say Uncle or die!!)

- Includes introduction written by Matt of KILLWHITNEYDEAD & Tribunal/Divebomb Records

- All tracks remastered in 2009 by Jamie King



01 Weirdo Man

02 The Ugly Dude

03 Judgement Day

04 Micro Logic

05 Contaminated

06 Up From Beneath

07 Executioner

08 The Prophecy

09 Say Uncle

10 Immolation

11 Eve Of The End

12 Come Alive

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Man this is really good, blows Suicidal out of the water.


Sounds good, very much like ST. Is it really that great? If the free shipping extended to the UK I'd be very tempted to get this. :doh:

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Man this is really good, blows Suicidal out of the water.


Sounds good, very much like ST. Is it really that great? If the free shipping extended to the UK I'd be very tempted to get this. :doh:


Yes by all means get it.

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    • Strange that being a UK band we can't preorder the cd yet but overseas can now? Anywho this is pretty good and i'm waiting to preorder the disc and help support these guys.
    • No-one is offended. But if you are so tolerant, surely you must accept that people can call out things they don't agree with?  It's everyone's absolute freedom to make any kind of joke they want, but then it must also be everyone's absolute freedom to speak against it?
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    • My C is always O. 
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