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Glam_junkie sleaze diary VOl.1


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Well, first leg of the tour is over - 4 Hardcore Superstar gigs in Finland.


After a less than promising start (late flights, missed connections, missing baggage, ect), the shows were sensational. ANd finding out that Crashdiet had pulled out only 4-3 days beforehand.


The gigs ranged from a sold out venue in Helsinki of about 900, to a barely-there-crowd of about 80+ in Joensuu (in eastern finland, just a stones throw from the russian border).


The tour manager found out i was Australian and how far i'd travelled for the shows, and before the 2nd gig (in Turku) took me backstage to meet a couple of the guys. During the show they even dedicated a song to "Lindsay from Australia who travelled 36 hours to be here tonight", so that was a pretty cool monent. I managed to be front row for this show, and during the show Adde came up to me and gave me his drum stick and sweat band as momentos. I scored a coupla guitar picks too.


The crowd at helsinki were insane. The place absolutely rocked, but made it kinda difficult to watch the show at times. They were rough, it was hot and the band were lovin it all. During the final song (Celebrate Sundays) Ollie from Reckless Love (ex Crashdiet) and Antti (bass player from Negative) joined them on stage. I managed to catch up with Ollie after the show for a quick chat and a photo. He was saying how the new Reckless Love disc is finished and should be ready for release about February.


The final show in Joensuu (about a 6 hr train ride from helsinki) may have had the smallest crowd, but it was a great show to watch. This was a total out-of-the-way place, even from the bands point of view too. It was rather easy to get a good position up front for this one with out being mauled in the process. After this gig they invited me backstage and i had a few beers with them, and they signed some stuff for me. This was pretty cool cos it was only the band, their manager, 1-2 crew, Antti (from Negative) and his partner.... and myself. Hang out with them for about 1-2 hours and then Jocke proceeded to give me a Hardcore Superstar jacket as a bit of a gesture showing thier appreciation that i came all this way.


Have some photos and stuff that i'll post when i get more time, but here's one (assuming the link works)





With the gigs at night, day have been filled with train travel and record stores. I think i've picked up about 20 discs so far (majority Finish bands) however that total could be 3-4 times that amount with all the bargains i have been seeing. I think maybe when i get home I'll do a little report on my cd purchases too.


ANyway, I'm now sitting in a hostel in stockholm, ready for the 2nd leg of the swedish slease assault. I have... or HAD a spare night off tomorrow night in Malmo, which just happens t coincide with Pretty Boy Floyd being in town, so i'm guessing i'll head along to see that one, making stage 2 of the tour:


Pretty Boy Floyd + Stripped @ Malmo

Bulletrain @ Malmo

Babylon Bombs + Midnight Cowboys @ Skovde

Crashdiet + Backyard Babies @ Goteborg


i'll then have a few days off before returning for one final 4 day assault in sotckholm before heading home.



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Nice mate, sounds awesome. Pick me up some cheap awesome CDs too, please! :)


Sweet action slotting Bulletrain in too - very good, promising band.

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Thats so cool Lindsay!! Awesome pic too. Can't wait to see the rest of them and hear about the rest of the shows. Have a blast!! :headbanger:

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More pics please!! :tumbsup:



unfortunately I think more pix may have to wait until i get home, where i;ve got a little more time to do that sorta thing.

will see how i go, as my only chance for net time is where I can jump on one at a hostel, and there's usually not a heap of time available.

will try tho!

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