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Has anyone else been watching this mini series that started Sunday night?

It's two hour(two seperate parts) every night from Sunday through Thursday.


It has Gary Sinise nararating and has many famous actors such Amy Smart, Josh Lucas and LL Cool J telling the stories of specific soldiers, reporters and nurses that were involved in different parts of the war. Each part has part of the Pacific theater and part of the North Africa/Italian and European war. The footage was found after a two year search and is nothing short of amazing IMO. If you're a world war II buff or a just huge fan of History you'll love this. It's been on reruns during the days as well.


Being a History major I used to think I knew everything but there's stuff on here I had no idea about.

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I was also a history major so I was very interested in this series. Unfortunately we have been so darn busy at home that I have caught just bits and pieces. I'll have to catch the reruns.

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