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Anyone else checking out this new release?

Apparently its a side band of Last Autumns Dream... whoever they are... either way it rocks. Love this slightly gravelly guys voice. First spin it did nothing for me. 2nd i love the first half but the 2nd half dropped off..

Overall reminds me of a mix between Shakra and recent Casanova/Voss.

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I have to admit I was going to turn it off after the first 6 songs, but 'Steel desire' saved this for me. And then after that there's a couple of pretty decent songs. The last one is another dreadful filler like the first half of the album, but there's a few goodies in there. It's a little heavier than LAD, but seriously, it's exactly the same songwriting and it's pretty much just another LAD album with a different name. Like all LAD albums you could pluck 2-3 songs off this, add it to the collection and by now you'd probably have about 12 great songs from this guy (taken from about 89 LAD albums and this one).


Basically, I'll keep 2-3 songs off this on the Ipod and discard the rest.

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Really enjoyed this project better than Lover Under Cover


Lover Under Cover, or Last Autumn's Dream? You're confusing me. I find both projects very average, despite there being good songs with both. Poor reply value, though.

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