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Anyone else checking out this new release?

Apparently its a side band of Last Autumns Dream... whoever they are... either way it rocks. Love this slightly gravelly guys voice. First spin it did nothing for me. 2nd i love the first half but the 2nd half dropped off..

Overall reminds me of a mix between Shakra and recent Casanova/Voss.

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I have to admit I was going to turn it off after the first 6 songs, but 'Steel desire' saved this for me. And then after that there's a couple of pretty decent songs. The last one is another dreadful filler like the first half of the album, but there's a few goodies in there. It's a little heavier than LAD, but seriously, it's exactly the same songwriting and it's pretty much just another LAD album with a different name. Like all LAD albums you could pluck 2-3 songs off this, add it to the collection and by now you'd probably have about 12 great songs from this guy (taken from about 89 LAD albums and this one).


Basically, I'll keep 2-3 songs off this on the Ipod and discard the rest.

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Really enjoyed this project better than Lover Under Cover


Lover Under Cover, or Last Autumn's Dream? You're confusing me. I find both projects very average, despite there being good songs with both. Poor reply value, though.

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    • 'Neon Sunrise' out October 7th. Tracks: 1. Flamenco 2. We’re The Forgiven 3. Physical 4. Moment Of Truth 5. Wasted Heart 6. Night Reaction 7. Chains Of Love 8. Burning Daylight 9. Break (Into Forever) 10. Invincible 11. State Of Denial 12. Neon Sunrise  
    • Video for 'The Usual Suspects'.    
    • they need some original ideas and humour that's not obvious. their winning formula,was stuff like Tiger Woods, Bukkake Tears & Asian Hooker - awesome musically but with a clever humourous angle. 
    • Generally if I hate an album I ain't ever gonna like it, but there have been albums over the years that I was kinda "well it's ok, but nothing special and will probably never listen to it again" that I have later gone back to and loved. The most obvious one for me is Ace Frehley - Trouble walking. Bought it on the cheap on cassette, listened to it and just went "meh, it's ok". Took me several years to play it again, and this time was totally blown away by it. Dunno if my tastes were just more developed by then as when I first heard it I was only 3 years or so into my journey into hard rock n metal, or if I just had not paid attention initially, but still to this day its my fave album by him and has a good representation in my playlist mix.   Also, not such a long time in between listens, but the first time I played Dr Feelgood by The Crue, I was not impressed. A few months later I played it again and it's now one of my top albums and bands of all time, featuring my top song of all time as well.
    • I am actually surprised that he did not have any Motorhead on that list as he has often mentioned them as one of his biggest influences on Under the blade, and he became great friends with Lemmy as Lemmy helped break them here in the UK. I actually thought, considering his age and that he started out in the 70s, that his favourite albums would have been more 60s orientated.
    • They played one show as a tribute to AJ Pero when he died then called it quits. Dee is a solo performer these days, but the band do stay in touch with each other for projects involving the band (documentaries, re-releases etc) and some of the other members do production etc
    • I never lost faith in these guys, despite the last few albums being patchy. I think the biggest problem they have is they know they need to retain the humour, but felt that maybe toning it down was the way to go, and it really wasn't. They are kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place as they know if they tone the humour down or remove it, they are gonna lose more fans, but if they stick with the same level humour as the early albums they are gonna get bagged on for being repetitive. (and to be totally honest their live shows did become stale as they kept using the same in between song banter for years, so we were hearing the same jokes again and again).   I think the time away, and the loss of Lexxi might hopefully be the kick in the butt they need.  
    • Personal tastes will always differ, despite some thinking theirs is the only tastes that matter With this band, I do like them, but they fall into the same category as bands like The Bloody Heels as well, some really good songs but overall I don't "love" them I just "like" some of there stuff, so I don't rush out to buy their albums or EPs unless I think there is a chance they will go out of print fairly quickly. Compare these to bands like Reckless Love or Crazy Lixx, firstly is not fair, but at the same time they are just bands I absolutely love and have so many tracks by them that are just out and out killer. The new RL album is a good example of differing tastes though. There are those on here that are not mad keen on the band anyway, and then there are those that are huge fans. But even among those huge fans there is divided opinion on the new album. Me, I love it and think its one of their strongest albums since the first couple of albums, but there are others who hate it. To each their own.
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