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Sega Saturn

66 mustang

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Having tested 100s of games systems over the last 3 years I can tell you what I have found.


1. PS1 - The biggest piece of shit ever released

2. PS2 - Although not as bad as one it breaks constantly

3. PS3 - Much Much better system - I have one and have never had a problem Yet?

4. Sega Dreamcast - I love this system have never has a bad one yet out of about 20.

5. Atari - Hit and miss on this. If taken care of will work like a charm even after all these Years

6. NES - Almost always has problems with the tray not closing properly after awhile - Still ranks higer than PS1 & Ps2

7. Super nintendo - Very very seldom ever test a bad one

8. N64 - In my oponion One of the best cartrige style systems ever made. Have tested over 100 - Not 1 bad system

9. Gamecube - Another system I have never seen a Bad one

10. Nintendo Wii - I have one and it works like a charm... I havent heard much about these having to many problems

11. Xbox 360 - I have one - These also have many issues

12. Sega Saturn - I dont know much about these. Ive had a couple and had no problems.


There is no doubt Nintendo has always made the best quality longest lasting systems.

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Saturn does have a few killer titles. Most of them are pretty hard to find though. Nights was plentiful for many years. New copies are getting harder to come by. Die Hard Arcade is getting harder to find. Every time I check it goes between $20-$30. The game that could have been the systems Final Fantasy 7 was Panzer Dragoon Saga. They only released 5-10K copies. If you want that masterpiece be prepared to pay over $100.

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