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Shakra - Looking For New Lead Singer


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Another one of my favorite bands looking to replace their vocalist. Although I preferred Mark Fox's vocals over their original vocalist Pete Weidmer, at least they were pretty similar sounding. I'm hoping they get someone similar to Marks sound and style, and don't completely make a left turn and go for the 10 octave metal opera singer. Some bands sound good with one of those, but Shakra, to me, sound great with the gritty style vocals.





Top class Swiss rock band Shakra are still on the hunt for a new lead singer! The band's last album was the hard rocking Everest and they are set to begin work on the next album ASAP. Interested singers can contact me directly, or visit the following websites: www.myspace.com/shakrarock / www.shakra.ch/wordpress/news.

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Doods, this is super old news. You guys are so yesterday. As I said back a few years ago when this was brought to the light, I'm actually happy about it. These guys have become so freakin' stale it's not funny anymore and some new blood will hopefully breath some new life into the band. Of course I don't want some shitty vocalist either, but a nice, new voice with some new ideas will be a blessing for Shakra, imo.

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Of course I don't want some shitty vocalist either

Fine...then i won't bother. :angry:

I just want someone good... like Clay Aiken.

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Yeh for once Geoff is right!!! SHOCK


And i live both singers, esp Fox...

As if you can tell them apart, assclown.


maybe ill apply.

What about your B-52's cover band? I know the guys would be wrecked if you left.

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