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LORD - New Horizons (Video Clip)

Aussie Metalchild

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We've just finished putting together a video for New Horizons (taken from our new album 'Set in Stone').


Bit of a big power ballad, but very cool I must say :)


Featuring a guest solo by Pete Lesperance of Harem Scarem (2:39 mark)



Keen to know what everyone thinks!

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Very good stuff - good looking video too. Youtube's a bit f*cked for me at work here, but heard a few of the Myspace tunes and I like it. It's a pity I won't be here on the 26th or I'd come and take a look at Lansdowne, but I'll be sure to come along on the 11th of December at The Gaelic. :)

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Ah, I see now! You guys used to be Dungeon! I went to TAFE with the drummer from Dungeon at the time - Steve, I think it was.


So Lord is more melodic hard rock than the metal of Dungeon, hey? Are both CDs similar in style?

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I went to TAFE




That Certificate III in embroidery has never made Granny Wols more proud..

As did the Certificate II in being a discreet homosexual.

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Thanks guys :)


What the hell is Lesperance doing with Lord Tim?


Not sure if this is a serious question or not, but we've known Lesperance for a few years now (met him in 2005 in Toronto) and he was happy to throw a solo on the album when we asked :)


Harem Scarem is one of my all time favourite bands, so to have Pete play on the album is mind blowing :)

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