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Holy Water

Dead Planet

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This was on my "to get list" but it ain't anymore.....

After hearing that, it's pretty much what I would call okay but nothing special at all :unsure:

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Nice band pics... the kind of band I'd buy on image alone. 'If I knew then' has the potential to be an amazing song if they'd been able to score a big recoding budget. As it is, sounds nice... probably nice enough to actually track down a copy of this CD actually... but it could have been amazing. :) 'I'm not worried anymore' is another good one, but 'Some things have to happen' and 'Once is not eneough' are definite fillers. And the other two have titles I won't even bother trying.


Not at the top of my list as I think there may only be two good songs on this thing, but I'd like for this to end up in my collection one day, for a bargain price. :)

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what caught my attention was that couple of the tracks, 5 & 6 were recdorded at studio 1212 in Jamaica Queens NY , the infamous studio that burnt down during mid 90's where Heavy Harmonies fave SURRENDER recorded thier album.


I wonder if these two bands ever ran into each other considering the songs were recorded in 1989.

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'All I Need' just doesn't work for me at all. 'I'm no worried' is very good, but it looks like I never checked this one out, and I can partly see why. This'd be another impossible one to find anyway, especially for whatever price it'd fetch.

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