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Wings Of Light - Alien (1985)


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1. Theres still time

2. Alien

3. Free for all

4. Rescued for a reason

5. Intensive care

6. New creation

7. Saviour

8. Surrendering

9. Praise him


Anyone know this one? I picked up a second hand vinyl copy of this years ago as part of a bulk buy and got rid of it soon after without playing it. According to a seller on E-Bay (who wants US $300 for it), "this album is gold among collectors of AOR music especially by Christian artists! This ranks in the top 2-3 rarest in this genre and has garnered MUCH respect in secular circles for it smooth keyboards and tight production". AOR FM calls it "white AOR" and describes it as "classic pompy Aor with nice layered keys and vocal harmonies that you could only pray for" All I know is it was released in 1985 on Emerald Records and produced by Dan Collins but the line-up is unknown.


Any thoughts? Has anyone heard this?


For those who want to check it out, go to this blog: flipsidemn blog where you can download it

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Ok so I've just downloaded this and so far the music is really very excellent 80's sounding Pop-Rock/AOR, lots of keyboards as I suspected but be warned the lyrics are very preachy at times. Three of the songs have a female singer.

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I believe I received the tracks from you, KIm. Yes, quite a good one.

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I believe I received the tracks from you, KIm. Yes, quite a good one.

By the way Bernd have you had the time to listen to that Seeker album I sent you a while back? Another CCM gem from the mid 80's that most people don't know about.



Not yet, Kim. :( But I've now uploaded it onto my mobile phone and will listen to it soon.

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All 3 of them.


Fuck me... what he said. This is dreadful. What are those positive comments based on? Yuck, dudes. "There is still time, to call upon the lord" - oh really? Just shut up you dumb fuck. That's as bad as I've ever heard in terms of christian rock... and believe me, I have heard bad.

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