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Update on Dizzy Dean Davidson of Britny Fox


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"Dizzy" Dean Davidson is back with a new debut release that will be available in 2010. Sermons Of The American Tabloid. Produced by Dizzy Dean, Engineered by Phil Nicolo, Mastered by Bob Ludwig. Dizzy Dean ~ Lead Vocals, Electric guitar, Acoustic guitar, Piano, Johnny Dee on Drums, Catherine Popper on Bass guitar, & Vocals, Pedal steel, Jimmy Marchiano on Electric guitars, & Vocals, and many other special guests to be announced. "Sermons Of The American Tabloid" will be finished in time for it's major debut release on Greenplanet Records December 2009 & 2010.

U.S. and European tour will be announced for 2010.


Visit Dizzy Dean on Facebook, and twitter.com/deandavidson1 For news and updates on Dizzy Dean visit: www.deandavidson.com / www.myspace.com/deandavidson. Coming Soon! www.dizzydeandavidson.com.

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looks like he is going back toa more hard rock style, with Jimmy Marchiano of LeCompt/Angora, and Johnny Dee BF/Doro in the band, for the longest time he wasn't even using the Dizzy Dean first name, calling himself Jacob or something like that, hopefully he's returning to his roots.

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If he makes a hard rock disc using his Paul Stanley-esque vocals and NO high-pitched screams, I will be very interested. With Johnny Dee in the band they're as much the "real" Britny Fox as the current line-up is. In fact, is Billy Childs now the only original member in the other version?

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I think the name he was using was Jarod, and he pretty much stopped using the Dizzy bit when he left BF.

As for the current BF, I actually saw them last year and was of the mind that they were not really BF, but they were fucking awesome.

Jamie, the current singer was able to pull off both Dizzy era and Tommy era, with no problem.

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