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Bon Jovi Question


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I went to pick up the new Stryper cd today and found a mint condition Bon Jovi - Ultra Rare Trax cd, it is a Silver pressed live cd, anyone know what it might be worth?


this is a bootleg of bsides and rare trax if it's the one I'm thinking of. (think I've got vol 1 or vol 2 somewhere).

as with any bootleg.... worth $5 to one person and $50 to another.

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only Official albums are the ones listed on the sit (so One WIld Night would be the only official live album if im correct, although i think that the This Left Feels Right show might have been released on CD)


then theres the power station CDs that came out which are unofficial as far as im aware but ive seen them stocked by big chains like HMV and Virgin


but that sounds like another bootleg to me, if its liev then personally id have no interest in it, but if it were one of the bootlegs with studio demos and cuts then theres some really good unreleased songs out there, especially from the New Jersey sessions because some of them (Love Is War, Lets Make It Baby, Backdoor To Heaven etc) are really good quality and worth hearing....especially since Love Is War is IMO the best song they ever wrote....its a shame it was never released on an album (although it was released officially as a B-Side to Living In Sin)


just some random ramblings about Jovi Bootlegs and Demos :P


if its live like you say then whats the sound like? some of the bootlegs are actually really good soundboard recordings (i have a soundboard recording of a show in Osaka or Tokyo in 89 aswell as the 2008 Tokyo show, those bootlegs are awesome even tho i dont like live albums....)


as for monetary worth, not much :P

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The Powerstation CDs are all unofficial as far as being related to the Jovi catalogue but are not bootlegs, it was stuff that Jon didnt have the rights to, hence the fact they have never been withdrawn (and to my knowledge, nobody has ever been sued over them).

Any live CD would most certainly be a bootleg as thats defo the property of the band.

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Lets Make It Baby,

I have that on an official Jovi CD album.


I think it was on the second disc of the deluxe These Days wasnt it? either way its not on all releases so i consider it a rarity and thus, bootleg material :D

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