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KEEL: New Album Title, Track Listing Revealed


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Vocalist Ron Keel of the reactivated '80s hard rock band KEEL has issued the following update:


"We are gathered in North Hollywood to begin sessions for the new KEEL album tomorrow morning. To say the least, we're fired up and really excited about this new project.


"Shortly after announcing the KEEL reunion last November, we made the decision to include a new album release in our plans. At the time we had no new songs, and discussed the possibility of coming up with a few new tunes and re-recording some of our favorite KEEL compositions. Almost immediately, new songs started to come to life through our collaborative efforts and we ended up with an entire album's worth of new material that we are confident will fulfill our musical passions while giving our fans — and a whole new generation of KEELaholics — a collection of songs that we can all enjoy.


"While we are re-visiting a couple of timeless classics to include as bonus tracks on the new album and the 25th anniversary edition of 'The Right To Rock', we are tracking 12 brand-newKEEL songs guaranteed to satisfy your rock n roll hunger.


"Entitled 'Streets Of Rock 'N' Roll', the album will be co-produced and mixed by ace producer/engineer Pat Regan (RITCHIE BLACKMORE, WARRANT, BILLY SHEEHAN, ETC.). My vocals will be engineered, recorded, and produced by Paul Shortino [ROUGH CUTT, QUIET RIOT]. We'll be posting updates from the sessions as often as time permits, and plan to offer a free download of a brand new KEEL song later this summer.


"We promise the musical direction of this album is this: straight-ahead classic hard rock anthems — strong, powerful, guitar-driven rock meant to capture the spirit of our genre, the excitement of our reunion, and our love for our music and our audience.


"We look forward to sharing this music with you, and we thank our fans, friends, families and everyone on our staff and crew for the inspiration to make this the greatest KEEL album of all time."


"Streets Of Rock 'N' Roll" track listing:


01. Hit The Ground Running

02. Come Hell Or High Water

03. Streets Of Rock N Roll

04. Push & Pull

05. Brothers In Blood

06. Hold Steady

07. Live

08. Does Anybody Believe

09. No More Lonely Nights

10. The Devil May Care

11. Lookin' For A Good Time

12. Gimme That


KEEL recently inked a deal with the Maryland-based label Chavis Records.


With the high volume of requests for the band to reunite, the members — Ron Keel, guitarists Marc Ferrari and Bryan Jay, drummer Dwain Miller along with Geno Arce (Ron's longtime bassist) — felt the time is right to deliver the show fans everywhere have been demanding: a KEEL reunion.


"It would not have been right without these guys," said Ron Keel.


The KEEL debut reunion concert took place in Hollywood on January 31. The location for this historic event was Club Vodka at The Knitting Factory. Watch fan-filmed video footage from the show below.


In 1985, KEEL's "The Right To Rock" became the fastest-selling debut in A&M Records' history and the band was proclaimed the "Best New Band" by Metal Edge and Circus magazines. The album's title track was a hit on radio and MTV and remains a staple on VH1 Classic, in addition to the group’s subsequent hits "Tears Of Fire", "Because The Night", "Somebody's Waiting" and "Rock & Roll Outlaw". The group developed a reputation as one of the genre's most entertaining live acts, opening for heavyweights like BON JOVI, AEROSMITH and VAN HALEN, among many others.


For more information, visit KeelReunion.com.

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Keel has always been a guilty pleasure for me, I will definitely buy this. :D


I'm a huge fan so I'll be buying for sure.


I thought Ron was involved with Retrospect? :unsure:

I think Sam covered that in another thread. While still friends and maybe some partnership on the side, a bigger label was needed for this release.


Great band, looking forward to this one! :bananamac:

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Keel has always been a guilty pleasure for me, I will definitely buy this. :D


I'm a huge fan so I'll be buying for sure.


I thought Ron was involved with Retrospect? :unsure:

I think Sam covered that in another thread. While still friends and maybe some partnership on the side, a bigger label was needed for this release.


Great band, looking forward to this one! :bananamac:

Wish that "bigger label" would send me the replacement American Angel - Vanity CD I'm owed from about a zillion years ago... <_<

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