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New Saga Album Out In Spring, 2009...


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The Human Condition is the title of Saga's new studio album - due to be released in spring of 2009. It will be their first album with new singer, Rob Moratti, who replaced Michael Sadler. Brent Doerner's health was well enough to allow him to perform all the drum duties on the album, but he isn't up to the rigors of touring yet, so Chris Sutherland from Kim Mitchell's band will fill in for the tour, which kicks off in just over 38 days.

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Yep ... big Saga fan too....I'm wondering how this is gonna turn out especially since MSadler had such a distinctive voice. I haven't heard any of Rob Moratti's stuff but I believe he is quite different in style.

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Any Saga release is a major highlight of the year for me and in over 30 years, they haven't let me down yet, but this one I can't wait to hear. The new songs I am sure will be killer as usual, but the major draw on this besides that, is to hear how 'Helium' Moratti fits in with the rest of the guys soundwise. Should be very interesting indeed and the date is already ringed in my calendar.

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can't wait to hear this new stuff

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A new Saga track, 'Step Inside' is up on their website and it sounds absolutely frickin' excellento. :headbanger:




Here is the Album art and Tracklisting. Ohhh, I can't bloody wait!!





Track Listing:


1. The Human Condition

2. Avalon

3. A Number And A Name

4. Let It Go

5. Now is Now

6. Crown of Thorns

7. You Look Good To Me

8. Hands of Time

9. Step Inside



Band Lineup:


Rob Moratti - Vocals

Ian Crichton - Guitars

Jim Crichton - Bass

Jim Gilmour - Keyboards

Brian Doerner - Drums

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Moratti sounds like a more than capable replacement for Sadler on that track, and Ian Crichton is his usual brilliant self. I was hesitant about the personnel change, but if the rest of the album is like the teaser, I'll be impressed.

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