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Squeeze Play...


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... Like A Woman Scorned



My guys hurt just reading this... :crying:



Student Busted For Squeeze Play


Cops: Colorado woman in on-campus groin assault of ex-boyfriend

FEBRUARY 24--Does this woman look like a testicle crusher? Well, that's what cops claim University of Colorado student Chalie Simon did to a former boyfriend early Saturday morning during a confrontation at a campus apartment. Simon, a 19-year-old sophomore, went to Job Donkor's home at about 4 AM and became irate when he sought to remove her from the residence. That's when Simon allegedly "grabbed his testicles and squeezed hard," according to a police report. Donkor, 23, replied, "Yeah, it hurt a lot," when a cop asked about Simon's squeeze play. Donkor told police that he had dated Simon "on and off" during the prior 18 months, and that they had broken up "approximately 20 times." Simon was apparently angry because Donkor had not, as promised, called or sent her a text message by 3 AM (police noted that another woman was sleeping in Donkor's bedroom when they arrived). Simon, pictured below in a Boulder County Sheriff's Office mug shot, was arrested on assault, trespass, and domestic violence charges.


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Did anybody notice the officer's name at the bottom of the police report ?




Not even he could protect this guy from the "squeeze play".

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The dude that got his twins mashed was named "Job Donkors" :whistle:

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