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Renegade Five


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ok so im promoting one ive only heard a few quick listens to the sample...

but they sound awesome!

where are they from? Finland or something? i duno


Geoff likes it so far, ... would you say its for fans of Lovex and Carmen Gray? The guys voice is pretty cool - pure hh rock voice (not the typical HIM style voice you might get from these stuff).... which throws in a bit of orchestral piano stuff, and maybe some commerical pop bits too....


Geoff? carry on..

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Yeah, unfortunately I can't spin this in my 'Soundwave Week' but I spun it on Sunday and I really, really liked it. It sounded excellent.


'Love will remain' is easily the best song of 2009 so far. Maybe, forgot about Place Vendome for a sec. But it ruled, and so did the album. Great new band.


And they're Swedish.

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Spun it again and 'Love will remain' is definitely the pick for me. I'm going to get f*cking crazy here and say that I hear some (obviously without the rap part) Linkin Park in some of these songs. :lol: Either way, it's a good solid slab of melodic hard slightly modern rock.

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Debut was great, but has anyone given the new album, 'Nxt Gen' a go? Pretty safe to say this is even better than the debut. A really great follow-up. Check it out.

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Loved the first album, but waiting to see the new one for a decent price. Will definitely be getting a copy though.

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