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Shark Island - Lyrics question for the experts


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Hey all, I'm pretty new the board as you can see. Not sure if I am supposed to introduce myself before posting but if so, I guess I broke that rule already.


So I had a question for the masses. On Shark Island's "Law Of The Order" cd I am sure a lot of you are familar with the song Somebody's Falling. They were kind enough to include the lyrics, BUT this song has an intro to which the lyrics are not written. Here is what I can and cannot (?) understand:


Time to move her body's shakin'

As the cold cold sweat begins to pour

?????????????? feeling

A drug to potent to ignore

Just you wait and see

She ?????????????????

Love will turn the key, c'mon


So the question is obvious by now, what are they saying? And of course correct me if I have the other parts wrong.

Thanks and look forward to browsing the board now and then.

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welcome to the boards!!


to answer your question, the first line is "you're holding back an honest feeling" and the second is "she looks like a ?????"


i cant for the life of me figure out the last part -_-


actually sounds like "she looks like a man from himogreedy" to me, but that cant be right :unsure:

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have you given it a google?


Oh yeah, but then again I didn't go past the first couple of pages of results. After some searching I figured it was just a little too obscure so I thought I would try here. I even went to the Shark Island home page figuring maybe I could be so bold as to shoot the site admin an email and see if they might actually answer....but I didn't see a contact section on website. Oh well...

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  • 4 years later...

Old topic but true lyrics found:


Time to move,

everybody shakin'

As the cold, cold sweat begins to pour

On my back and on the ceiling

A drunk too potent to ignore

Guess you didn't see

She looks like that from hearing breathing

Lovin' turn the key


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Where did you find those? Too many lyrics sites post lyrics as they were misheard by the person transcribing them.


I've always heard it as this:


Time to move her body's shakin'
As the cold cold sweat begins to pour
I'm holdin' back an honest feeling

A drug to potent to ignore
Just you wait and see
She looks like that from heavy breathing

Love will turn the key

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