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The Answer sign with SPV/Steamhammer


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They are considered Europe's hottest rock act and are currently causing a world-wide stir: the sensational quartet The Answer from Newcastle in County Down, Northern Ireland, have just signed a contract with the German record label, Steamhammer/SPV. The band, led by charismatic frontman Cormac Neeson are currently on a world tour alongside AC/DC, impressing even the most discerning audiences night after night. 2 March 2009 (Germany: 27 February 2009) will see the arrival of The Answer's second album, Everyday Demons. Experts see the band as legitimate successors of rock and blues rock legends such as Free, Cream, Led Zeppelin and The Black Crowes. "Everything we do is basically thoroughly honest", guitarist Paul Mahon describes the band's philosophy. "We're a real team and draw our strength from an indestructible inner strength. The four of us stick together like glue."


The Answer who got together in spring 2000, signed to legendary Australian rock label Albert Productions in 2005 and brought out their debut album, Rise, in 2006. It took us three or four years to really get noticed, Paul Mahon explains, but then it all started to happen at once. The band have performed with icons such as the Rolling Stones, The Who and Aerosmith, playing celebrated headlining tours in England, Japan and Australia. Their debut, Rise, was greeted enthusiastically by fans and media alike (the Britsh music bible Kerrang! commented: "The Answer are superstars already) and has sold more than 100,000 copies to date."


The Answer will continue to tour America with AC/DC until the end of January, and starting 18 February, the band will visit Europe as special guests as part of the sold-out Black Ice tour. Their spectacular second album, Everyday Demons, is scheduled to arrive around that time, too. We've been on tour almost constantly for two years, have seen a lot of the world and made a lot of important experiences - a development that you can hear on Everyday Demons, comments Mahon, giving a little preview of an album that's likely to make rock history.

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These guys really impressed when I saw them open for AC/DC. I wasn't expecting a whole lot but I definitely liked what I heard. :tumbsup:

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There was a plethora of copies of 'Rise' available for $2.50 on the weekend so I thought f*ckit and picked one up. Definitely not a band for me, but I can see why a few guys here might dig this. It's on my trade list now. :)

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