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SM player breaks leg........


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After rewatching this on the big screen on Xmas Eve multiple times, all I can say is I can not imagine the horror that guy felt when he felt pain, reached down to grab his leg/ankle and there was nothing there.


Seriously, what has to go through your mind? WTF?


I hope the dude went into shock almost instantly (or that they were out there instantly with a sedative).

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Can't find the youtube of this, so this serves as your warning; don't wanna watch another football leg injury, turn back now.



TURN BACK NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!







OK, you were warned.






























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Yea. I was at that game. It was my alma mater playing for the Vanier Cup (Canadian University's football championship, which they won. Go Bisons!). Pretty gruesome! Miraculously he came back the next year to lead the team in rushing again.


Wow! That's a pretty great story! (Got a name? I'd like to google that one.)

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Ouch! That was a nasty fracture.......I once fractured an opponent's lower leg bone (tibia) during a high school football game (US football), I was falling and was pushed into the opposing player as he was making a turn upfield. Not as gruesome as that footage, but I felt pretty bad about it nonetheless.

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