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The Friday Night Boys


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Yeah, I listened to the songs on Myspace and quite enjoyed them. Good stuff... sort of a SR-71 vibe to them. I think the first song was my fave.

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Spinning the new album, 'Off The Deep End' at the moment. It is very poppy - almost bordering on Busted type of stuff at times. But I don't know, I'm liking it so far. Only up to 'Suicide Sunday' so far but that song is a f*cking cracker.

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Yeah, I was actually listening to this and their two EPs from 2008 back to back and you can even tell the difference there. They sure were no metal band on those EPs, but there was just a little more punch. 'Suicide Sunday' did end up being the best song on the disc, but I loved 'Unforget You' too.


Here's the track list:


01. Permanent Heartbreak

02. Stupid Love Letter

03. Suicide Sunday

04. Finding Me Out

05. Stuttering

06. Cant Take That Away

07. How I Met Your Mother

08. Hollow

09. The First Time (Natalie's Song)

10. Molly Makeout

11. Unforget You

12. Sorry I Stole Your Gurl


There are a few fillers here (quite a few), but the 2 noted above, 'Permanent heartbreak', 'Finding me', 'The First Time', 'Molly makeout' and 'Sorry I stole your gurl' are all pretty freakin' good.


I'd call them a lighter version of The Click Five or Forever The Sickest Kids, but nowhere near as good as FTSK.

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Love those 2 EPs. If you can get them, 'The sketch process' and 'That's what she said' (both from 2008) are worth owning if you're going to invest time in this band. The songs on those 2 are more in a SR-71 vein as opposed to the sticky sweet pop of the debut. But the best 2 songs are still on the full-length debut, imo. :)

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    • Fuck me, he is off on one again: https://rockcelebrities.net/michael-sweet-stryper-is-the-most-hated-band-of-all-time/ Just a few comments that make me cringe: “We may very well be the most ‘hated’ band of all time but we’ve persevered and we’re still here. We are The Yellow & Black Attack. We are Stryper.” Now I am sure there are bigger bands out there who have more haters than Stryper ever had. Whether this is for right or wrong reasons, Nickleback, U2 and Coldplay spring to mind as bands that have got more hate than Stryper over the years, and they mostly ignore it because they choose to acknowledge the millions who do love them rather than cry about those that hate them. “When I listen to Stryper (as an outsider and as unbiased as I possibly can be) I can hear some pretty cool stuff going on. And at the risk of sounding egotistical, I think Oz and I are one of the better guitar duos to have cranked those Mesas up and harmonize in the studio and on stage. I don’t know, maybe I’m just dreaming and we do suck. Oh well, if this is what ‘sucking’ looks and sounds like, I’ll take it.” How can you ever listen to your own music as an unbiased outsider? The guy is blatantly so thin skinned that he just cannot accept some people just do not like his music, or do not like overly preachy christian music. I have said before on here, I really like Stryper and some of Michaels projects outside of the band, but I have had serious burn out on anything he releases just because he releases way too fucking much. And his attitude has seriously turned me off of supporting him. I have not bought the last few Stryper albums. There are a couple of solo albums I am missing. Didn't buy the last Sweet & Lynch. And I only bought the first Sunbomb when it was mega cheap recently. The quality is hit or miss, which I think is down to him going for quantity over quality.  
    • Yeah will look forward to this also   £16 shipping!! I'll wait for a UK seller to stock  
    • Another band that really is not the band it is pretending to be
    • There seems to be no other takers, so here's the solution highlighted.     
    • Dodges Vs Diamondbacks. With this organist playing while car burns.  
    • I quite like this album. Best songs for me are Straight Up Jack, Nobody Gets Out Alive and Southside of Hell.  Score: 4 out of 6. 
    • New song 'Ghost In Me'.    
    • This cd is listed twice as Heard It on the Radio - Volume 1 and Heard It on the Radio Volume 1 and with two different covers 
    • Seems like it would be right up your alley. I'm enjoying the album immensely. French group.            
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