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To ALL the Good people i have dealt with here.

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To ALL the Good people i have dealt with here.


THANK YOU :banger:


Been awhile since i thanked anyone so i got some time to kill so i thougt i would. Some are "user names"and some are not.


Gary Richie

Jerry Baxter

Mike Worthen

Kevin Mayes

Mathew Coombs

Scott Grace

Keith Bage

Steven Woloszyk

Pat Keating

Chris Ryan

Mike Solas

George Dionne

Kurt Neudeck

Mike Cook

Jason (Zinatra)



Johnny Stuart

Lawerence McVey (relivinthe80s)


(stuckinlodi) Alan


David Moates

Lonnie Holdaway

Keith Abt (fat Freddy)

Matt chocularock

Steve Steichen- (studboy)

no1trekman (John)

Chris Collatrella


mike skeen


MArk Schnatterly

John Cassera


Bob Bauman



(Anamal) Danny<<< who i "almost" met at ProgPower USA 7 along w/DrumRman


heaven and hell (Wes)

Pat Smith


Folks thats 42 different people i have sold/swapped/traded with from Heavyharmonies.com. I had NO IDEA the list was that long. Just reminds me how lucky we all are to have this place to network.


Think i'ts about damm time i sent a donation to Dan!

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Right back atcha KING. You were the first person I traded with back when I first joined H.H., and everything went smooth as silk. Thanks for being one of the good guys. :banana:

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I traded with a bunch of you back when I signed up. I think King was the first I traded with. Im building my collection up and hope soon to trade again. It will be a interesting list:). Somebody I know In forgetting that I havent seen for awhile that I did alot of trades with. Ill have to check the list

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