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Bonrud - Leap Of Faith


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For those who love Johnny Lima, here's another very similar style band called Bonrud.






Sound Samples Here as well:







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Never heard of this before, band name sounds pretty awful (I know it's the fella's name, but some surnames were never meant to be band names) but sounds good in places. 'The Phoenix' is great! 'Desperate Heart' is nice too.

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Their new album is due out sometime soon.




'First Time For Everything' is the Japanese bonus track from the debut album - One of the softer tracks, though very melodic. Excellent stuff, check it out:



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Solid enough debut. Of all the odd things to happen on my PC while I get a free moment in the office, the speaker symbol has disappeared from the bottom of the screen so I can't play this and get volume. How odd. Either way, I'll give this one a go.

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