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What are the rarest cd`s that no one can seem to find?


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For me, the rarest of the rare that I haven't been able to land:


Statue - Comes To Life

Target - Master Project Genesis

Vulture - Fatal Games

Uncle Slam - Say Uncle

Aggressor - By Any Means Necessary

Fatal Array - Fatal Array

Detente - Recognize No Authority


And one of the VERY few vinyls I'd give my nuts for:


Redeemer - The Light Is Struck



sorry my friend but you actually wanted to say expensive and not rare...they're all over the place. i could sell you my redeemer copy, played once, for 500 euros. shipping is on me. take benefit of the high dollar+ my killer price which is at least 20% less of the 9-10 copies that are availiable at the moment from the usual dealers.... :tumbsup:


Actually, for ME they are rare. You say they are all over the place. Your located in Europe, correct? I'm in the States and I can tell you straight up that the chances of finding these anywhere here are 1 in million. Location has much to do with availability, my friend. You might be able to walk into 10 different used CD stores tomorrow and find at least 1 copy. I guarantee you that if I walked into 10 different used CD stores every day for the next YEAR I will not find a single copy. Add to that fact that I will not pay the stupid prices most "dealers" ask for.


Oh, and according to SEVERAL sources I have IN Austrailia the Redeemer vinyl is VERY rare and almost impossible to obtain even for them.

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here's another one from another german guy....


Redeemer - The Light is Struck WHITE VINYL LP

6149 Apocalypse AUS 90 m-/m- 750,00 €

lyrics, gatefold-cover, RARE, legendary molten Metal Monster, released only one white vinyl, the holy grail of Australian Heavy/Epic Metal!!! Killer female vocals, among the RAREST and the best!!!

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Blue Tequilla / Juan Carlos: I was talking of course about A LESSON IN VIOLENCE CD (Pleasures of the Flesh demo + live 1985) from 1991, not ANOTHER LESSON IN VIOLENCE (live album from 1997).


For those CDs sideshow listed, perhaps you can find some of them locally (Statue, Target and Vulture) for very cheap, but on the other hand, I have never came across any of those on various metal markets (in Germany or Italy or Spain). OK, you can get Detente for something less than on internet if you really do a search, but good luck finding Uncle Slam CD in Europe :)

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I suppose that you're talking about "sikkie" for Axiom? He also had several copies of the CD (comes with extra tracks), and still has, some were sold for $175 on ebay / buy it now (he offered one to me for 175 EUROs before that :D ) ... but yeah, nothing really special there.

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White Fear Chain - "Visceral Life"


Featuring members of Last Crack and Realm. A great album I'd LOVE to have that I haven't see for sale ANYWHERE.




i got it

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By the way, can anyone help me finding this US indie : SILENCE - Vision? (privately released in 1990) Any help would be appreciated :)


What cds could you give for that title?


It's already in my collection, thanks anyway ;) Did you find a copy somewhere?

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Slick Lilly - Brotherhood........now anyway !!!!

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Reo Speedwagon - REO (1976)


38 Special - Special Delivery


Can`t find these cheap :crying::crying::crying::crying::crying::crying::crying:

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