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  1. New album 'Voyager' out September 30 through Lions Pride Music. Track listing 1. Breaking The Chains 4:15 2. Out Of Line 4:41 3. Gotta Be Strong 4:11 4. Wait 4:25 5. Ain't Stranger To Love 4:18 6. Hold Me 4:46 7. Perfect Crime 4:13 8. Voyager 4:30 9. Too Young To Die 4:22 10. We Are United 4:02 11. Wherever You Go 3:45
  2. From Lions Pride Music: Cat. Number: LPM014 Release date: 30 October 2022 Eddie Vantez is the Melodic Rock solo project of Ed Omar Carabantes (Hunter) hailing from Coquimbo, Chile. After his debut album "Hungry Heart" with Hunter in 2021, Eddie felt the need to record a solo project in which he could broaden his love for 80's A.O.R. music. In "Rough Diamond" you can listen to songs which will remind you of bands like Toto, Survivor, Journey to name a few completing a total A.O.R. gem that is brilliantly played by many musicians from Chile, Perú and Argentina and more... Tracklist: 01. Is This Love 02. Little Sister 03. Live On Love 04. One Lonely Night 05. Give In To Love 06. Fire 07. Rough Diamond 08.The Phoenix Has Risen 09. Gigolette 10. It's All Up To You 11. HealingTouch Eddie Vantez: Vocals & Keyboards (Tracks 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11) Hernan Mellado: Saxophone (Track 11) Ignacio Ruiz: Guitars (Tracks 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10), Keyboards (Track 4) Claudio Guerrero: Guitars (Tracks 2, 6, 7, 9, 11) Rodrigo Bugallo: Guitars (Track 1) Fran Alonso: Guitars (Track 3) Charlie Giardina: Bass (Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10) Juan Carlos Alfaro: Bass (Tracks 7,9) Fernando Galleguillos: Bass (Track 11) Nilver Perez: Keyboards (Tracks 2, 4, 7, Gabriel Seri: Drums Gigolette Angeline: Backing Vocals
  3. From Lions Pride Music: Loud Solution - Throwback CD | Released 2 December 2022 on Lions Pride Music. From the heart of the city of Santiago in Chile, Loud Solution is a melodic rock band that rescues the best of the 80's hard rock. The origin of the band dates back to the early 2010’s, founded by the guitarist Ignacio Ruiz in the aim to keep and evolve the classic 80's sound with a modern touch. Loud Solution went through various line-up changes, but it was not formalized until the arrival of the COVID pandemic in 2020 when Ignacio left his prior sleaze rock band “Nazty Gunz” to record and produce the first official Loud Solution home-made demo called "Revival", it was made entirely by himself. This led to new members joining the band until the current line-up and the signing with the Danish label Lions Pride Music releasing their debut album “Throwback”.Loud Solution is:Boris Cid (a.k.a. Boris Seeder): Lead Vocals & BassIgnacio Ruiz (a.k.a. Nixx Crimson): Guitars & Backing VocalsCristóbal Morales (a.k.a. Chris): GuitarsClaudio Morales (a.k.a. Sir Vincent): Drums & Backing VocalsCD Tracklist:01. These Times02. Face To Face03. Amid My Heart04. Not Provided05. Love & Faith06. City Of Pride07. Time To Say Goodbye08. Throwback09. Past Dark Nights10. Don't Come Back
  4. New album 'Return To Glory' out June 25 through Lions Pride Music. Tracks: 01. Return To Glory 02. Unleash The Fury 03. Ready or Not 04. Full Moon Dance 05. Never Fear The Unknown 06. Gods of War 07. Frozen Heart 08. The Long Road 09. Feel The Vibe 10. Love & Devotion
  5. New album out November 22 through Lions Pride Music. From Lions Pride Music: Martin Perticone AKA “Perticone Underdog” is an artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina who’s been in the music industry since the age of 13, when he joined the band Fondo Blues as a lead singer and guitar player. Martin played in the Argentinean under circuits for more than 25 years but during the way also got to know many important people in the music industry that led him to become Tour Manager for artists like Eric Martin from Mr Big in 2007 or even being invited as a guest for Richie Kotzen Latin American Tour in 2008. Martin has also toured around Latin America, USA, Europe and Hong Kong as a hired gun for many different artists until he finally decided to put more efforts on his solo career. That’s how his long-time friend Edu Giardina (well-known artist in Latin America) would become his producer and mentor for his debut album “Underdog”. The mixture of AOR, Southern Rock and Country makes this album unique and different with amazing and powerful melodies all over the place. The album featured guests such as Eric Martin (Mr Big) and Edu Giardina and brings reminiscent from the late 80’s and 90’s but keeping the best of current sounds and trends too. Perticone’s solo career has just begun and in only 1 year from his launch he’s got many followers and fans in Europe, Asia and Latin America. “Stuff In The Basement” was recorded during pandemic times at RED Studios Buenos Aires and features an amazing line-up of musicians from all over the world. Edu Giardina and Guillermo Porro got involved, one more time, as the producers and band members for this new release taking the album to another level. It is plain to see the growth of Perticone Underdog as an artist on this new production by just listening to the opening track of the album “Blame it on Me”. There are, as usual, some country “pearls” and 90’s rock reminiscences all over. Stuff in the Basement will be released in 29 August 2022 by Lions Pride Music worldwide! CD Tracklist: 01. Blame It On Me 02. End Of The Line 03. Name Without A Face 04. Save Me Tonight 05. Game For Fools 06. Waiting 07. Let's Get Lost Tonight 08. What Went Wrong (I Wonder) 09. When It Rains 10. Falling Perticone Underdog is: Martin Perticone: Lead & Backing Vocals, Acoustic & Rhythm Guitar Edu Giardina: Backing Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keys, Drums, Progamming Ezequias Aquino: Saxophone Guillermo Porro: Guitar Solo on „Name Without A Face“ Will Wilde: Harmonica on „Game Of Fools“ Emmanuel Lopez: Lead Guitar on „Let's Get Lost Tonight“ Lara Goi: Backing Vocals on „What Went Wrong“ Brad Harper: Pedal Steel Guitar on „When It Rains“ facebook
  6. From Adellaide FB: News Adellaide December 2021 In the year 2021, the band has been working vigorously on their new album “DejaVu” which will be released by the label “Lions Pride Music” in May 2022. After the death of bassist “Cadu Yamazaki” from COVID 19 on 12/9/2020, the band tried to re-establish itself emotionally and today is with a new lineup, the new musicians will be revealed soon, when more information about the new album is published, we will have distinguished international presences and the band will present a new musicality, while preserving its essence! Some news will be exciting, we promise concerts from next year, obviously as soon as the conditions of contamination of the pandemic return to a greater normalization worldwide! A video clip will be released in the preview of the new album, we guarantee our friends, musicians, admirers, that we are going to immerse ourselves in the 80s with contemporary conditions. The band is working steadily this end of the year and more news will be released soon!
  7. From Lions Pride Music: We are very excited to announce our brand new signing with Counterline coming from Bogotá, Colombia and welcome them to Lions Pride Music's family roster! Their brand new debut album "One" will be released worldwide on CD and digital in 30 August 2021! More information to follow... Band: Counterline Album: One Label: Lions Pride Music Cat.Number: LPM018 Release Date: 30/08/2021 Tracklist: 1. If You're Clear With Your Words 2. Sense Of Reality 3. Leave It all Behind 4. The One 5. Out In The Cold 6. Write Your Story 7. Angel 8. I Need to Learn 9. Love Is The Answer 10. Best Part Of Me
  8. From Lions Pride Music: Upcoming details of our first release for 2020! Album: Frank Vestry - My Collection Release Date: 30 March 2020 Label: Lions Pride Music Cat. Number: LPM070 Frank Vestry added: "Without a doubt, this will be my best album to date and the one that I am most proud of. The music is comprised of so many different elements that there is something for every musical taste. These songs are some of my favorites, chosen especially for the melodic rockers. In addition, the album contains previously unreleased material as well as songs that are no longer available in print, but have been requested over the few years. The ‘12’ songs from “My Collection” span 3 different decades of my musical career. During that time, I’ve had the privilege and pleasure of working with some of the best-known guitarists and some of the finest musicians I’ve ever known. I hope you enjoy their talents as much as I do as you listen to these selections that will hopefully be a winner for everyone. . Featuring music from Marcello / Vestry, Last Temptation, Laneslide, Devias, Burning Starr and more. I am so happy to finally be able to release this music and I hope that you like it. Here’s to a rocking 2020 and enjoying every minute of it!" Tracklist: 1. Without You (Marcello / Vestry) 2. Understand (Laneslide) 3. Break It (Last Tempation) 4. Gone (Marcello / Vestry) 5. Dancing Girls (Laneslide) 6. Without Love (Last Temptation) 7. When You Grow Up (Marcello / Vestry) 8. Starcrossed (The Pack) 9. Desperate (Devias) 10. One More Night (Marcello / Vestry) 11. In Your Arms Again (Burning Starr) 12. Last Night (Ravel / Vestry) Featured musicians: Rob Marcello, Bruno Ravel, Jon Levin, Greg Smith, Charlie Ambrosia, Arnie Miot, Steve Hervatic, Allan Gabay, Steve Murphy, BJ Zampa, Rob DeMartino, Bruno Kraler, Alessandro Del Vecchio, Dominik Hulshort, John Billings, Lino Gonzalez, Erik Martensson, Michael Bormann, Mike Pont, Ross “The Boss” Friedman, Rich Fazio, Ronnie Giordano, Larry Sacchetillo, Jack Starr, John Rodriguez and Tony Galtieri.
  9. Press release from Lions Pride Music: PRESS RELEASE: Nightfox - White Cobra Lions Pride Music is excited to present you the front cover and info of the upcoming release of Nightfox - White Cobra full length debut album to be released on CD & Digital worldwide on 28 June 2021! Nightfox is a fictional band-project from Trondheim in Norway. The sound is mainly inspired by the great hard rock bands from the 1980's where the focus is kept on roaring riffs and blazing guitar solos. Originally established as a synthwave-project in 2012, Nightfox decided to take a turn towards hard rock around 2017. Earlier during writing of songs that were supposed to be synthwave, it often used to go in the direction of 80's-inspired rock anyway, so going down that path was rather easy. After a while there were enough instrumentals to release an EP which was planned for 2018, but had to be postponed due to personal reasons. In the background there was also a thought that the songs would sound a lot better with vocals. From 2019 to 2020 new songs were made, and "old" ones refreshed as lyrics were being written and recorded by a hired singer. An album started to take shape, and the plan was to release the songs one by one as they were finished. The first single "Ride the Sky Tonight" was released in early March 2020 and Nightfox was shortly after contacted by Lions Pride Music record label offering a deal. That marks the point when the plan of releasing the songs one by one was scrapped, and a definite plan of "White Cobra" truly came to life! Band: Nightfox Album: White Cobra Label: Lions Pride Music Cat. Number: LPM013 Release Date: 28/06/2021 Track list: 01. Dream Come True 02. Resurrection 03. Ride the Sky Tonight 04. White Cobra 05. Your Broken Heart 06. Phoenix 07. Storm Fighter 08. What Matters In The End Nightfox: Erik Winther: All Instruments & Programming
  10. Want some hard rock from India? 'Rock The Highway' out April 27 on Lions Pride Music. The band: 1. Girish Pradhan - Lead Vocals / Guitars 2. Suraz Sun - Lead Guitars / Backing Vocals 3. Yogesh Pradhan- Bass Guitar / Guitar / Keyboards / Vocals 4. Nagen Mongrati - Drums / Percussion / Backing Vocals 5. Annutri Kaushik - Keyboards facebook 1. Rock The Highway 2. Everynight Like Tonight 3. Rock 'n' Roll Is Here To Stay 4. The Distance Between 5. The Sikkimese Dream 6. Bad Shepherd 7. She's Heavy Metal 8. The Rebel 9. Trapped Inside A Mirror 10. Wounded 11. Tears Of The Phoenix 12. Identity Crisis 13. Walking The Line
  11. From Lions Pride Music: Hunter - Hungry Heart CD | Released 30 April 2021 on Lions Pride Music. CD Tracklist: 01) Hungry Heart, 02) Tore Love, 03) Far Away, 04) Love Hunter, 05) Sad Eyes, 06) Destination, 07) Rise Up, 08) Snake, 9) Somebody Said [Love Is A Lonely Word], 10) Tonight, 11) We Gotta Fight, 12) Warmer Love, 13) Lejos [Bonus Track], 14) Kimi [Bonus Track]. Hunter: Ed Carabantes: Vocals Leo Correa: Keyboards Claudio Guerrero: Guitars Juan Carlos Alfaro: Bass Marcelo Alegria: Drums
  12. New album 'Back 4 More' out Nov 30th through Lions Pride Music. facebook 01) Back For More 02) Faster Than Lightning 03) Sunset Kiss 04) Fast Boogie 05) Searching For Victims 06) Liar 07) Dangerous Eyes 08) Wild 09) Delilah 10) Ronin 11) Street Kid 12) Stay Strong 13) Cold Night 14) Begging Love 15) Thrilling Dream
  13. From Lions Pride Music: Lions Pride Music feels excited to present you the front cover and press release details of their 29 May 2020 worldwide release Wild Souls "Queen Of My Heart"! Front Cover Designed by Akis Reperage, Model Starring: Georgina Proimou Press Release Wild Souls - Queen Of My Heart: Formed in July 2010, Wild Souls is a Melodic Hard Rock band from Kavala, Greece. Until today they have released two studio albums titled “On The Road” (Jun. 2013) and “Game Of Love” (Oct. 2016) respectively and are currently awaiting the release of their third lovechild with the title “Queen Of My Heart”! Heavy guitar riffs merged with melodic voice lines is what creates their characteristic sound, a sound that was quickly embraced by fans around the globe. Wild Souls have opened for bands such as Steam Roller, founded by ex Whitesnake guitarist Doug Aldrich, Axxis and Pretty Maids. Noteworthy in their 10 year long history is also their collaboration with Doug Aldrich, who composed and recorded the guitar solo for “On The Road”. The band who originally signed with Lion’s Pride Music for the release of their second album back in May 2016, has updated their contract with the Danish label, for their third album “Queen Of My Heart” set for a worldwide release on the 29th of May 2020! Wild Souls are: George Nikolaou: Vocals Kostis Tsiligiris: Guitars Thanos Kalantzopoulos: Guitars Leyteris Nasos: Bass Michael Saroglou: Drums Guest musicians: Dimitris Kyriakidis: Guitar / I Remember You Tasos Kalafatis: Keyboards / Set Me Free, Hold Me Tight facebook 01. Nothing But Loving You 02. Night Groove 03. Love Ain't No Lie 04. Ready To Rock 05. Queen Of My Heart 06. Sexcellent 07. I Remember You 08. Set Me Free 09. Snakebite 10. Hold Me Tight 11. Beyond The Stars 12. Street Eagles
  14. Lions Pride Music feels excited to present you the Front Cover, Details and Silked & Stained's first single "Woman You're The Devil" (Official Lyric Video) taken from their upcoming second album "Goes Up To Eleven" to be released physically and digitally worldwide 31 October 2019 ! https://youtu.be/aGGyiq-0_jg Tracklist: 1. How Many Miles To Heaven, 2. Come Closer, 3. Woman You’re The Devil, 4. Take Me, 5. Sweet People, 6. Forevermore, 7. That Feeling, 8. No Way, 9. Locked & Loaded, 10. Lost The World, 11. Reach Out The Sky Recorded and Mixed at CFN Recordings Studio by Dion Christodoulatos Mastered at Vu Productions Mastering Studio by Nasos Nomikos Cover & Layout Designed at Darkroom Project Studio by Antonis Christofis Cover photo model: Katerina Andrioti Lyric Video created at C.S.Management & Promotions by Chris Siloma Pre-Order CD: www.tiny.cc/lionspridemusic, www.silkedandstained.com Pre-Order Digital on iTunes: https://apple.co/2NyLZtE CD Sampler: https://youtu.be/yv8pEQuT608 Silked & Stained: ►Haris Mos - Lead Vocals►Tony Gavalas - Guitars, Backing Vocals►Tommy Fotiadis - Bass►Orpheus Lazz - Drums, Backing Vocals Silked & Stained is a Melodic Hard Rock band from Athens, Greece formed in late 2013. Their first single "Much Love" was featured at Pure Rock 7 compilation by Atlantis Records and has gained a lot of attention, receiving good airplay and staying at the top 20 chart of Atlantis Fm 105,2 almost for 2 months. "Much Love" was also selected to be featured in a Compilation CD along with an interview at "Fireworks" magazine in the UK. During that time Silked & Stained have played many gigs at many venues in Athens receiving great feedback from audiences and media too, creating their fanbase. Greatest accomplishments so far are the feature in Pure Rock 7 Compilation of Atlantis records, the interview and feature to another compilation by the well known UK Magazine Fireworks for issue 69. 2014 -2015 were busy years as the band won the 3rd place award at Warfield Competition organized by Metal Hammer Magazine Greece and Remedy live Club and played live shows along big names such as Miljenko Matijevic (Steelheart), Wild Rose, Hell in The Club, Outloud, George Gakis and many others as opening acts, receiving very good reviews in the process and increasing its stature. 2016 found them at CFN recording studio recording their debut album with Dion Christodoulatos (Sorrowful Angels, Foray Between Ocean) as a producer, mixing and mastering engineer. In 2017 Silked & Stained signed with Lions Pride Music (Denmark) for the worldwide release of their debut album "Love On The Road" which was released on 18 December 2017. Debut album received great reviews from all over the world, most notable from Burrn Magazine Japan(79/100), Metal Hammer Greece (7/10), RockHard.gr (7/10), Metal – Integral France(17/20), BeRock Radio (10/10), and made it at number 20 in the best melodic rock/metal/aor albums list of 2017 at Rateyourmusic. “SILKED AND STAINED surprised me in many ways with their debut CD: killer songs, stupendous musicianship (everything is really good, believe me) and a sound with impressive production. Honestly, it doesn't look like a debut album, everything is truly polished with a crisp output. "Love On The Road" is classic Melodic Hard Rock, and very, very well done.” (Roxx2Metal). "This piece of work shouldn't be missed out on from your collection, and it's a good way for you to end your musical purchases of 2017 in a good way. Don't miss out on it!" (George Snaki Karatzas , BeRock Radio). Later on April 2018 debut's lead singer Bill Tsaklidis left the band due to personal reasons and Silked & Stained soon announced Haris Mos as the new singer releasing a new music video for “Bombshell” to promote the new frontman. “Love On The Road” became sold out within the first 6 months of its release via announcement from Lions Pride Music on June 2018. 2019 found the band creating new music as they entered CFN studio once more and began recordings for the new album and it was finished in the summer of 2019. “Goes Up To Eleven” as the album is titled "is going to be more Hard Rock, Edge-y, Faster and Louder as the band stated". Mixed at CFN studios by Dion Christodoulatos and Mastered at VU Mastering Sound Studio by Nasos Nomikos, the whole team raised the level of production and the result is amazing. The band performed at the Wolfest Rock Festival Bulgaria along with Cradle of Filth, Pretty Maids, Axxis, Scarlet Aura and many other acts on August 2019 redeeming the success of their debut album and presented some songs from the new album such as “Woman You’re The Devil”. “Goes Up To Eleven” is going to be released on October 31 st 2019 via Lions Pride Music. If you're going to a Silked & Stained show, you will witness an energetic, loud, sweaty & skull crushing Hard Rock spectacle performed by four young men having the best time of their lives. Connect with Silked & Stained: www.silkedandstained.com www.facebook.com/Silked.and.Stained www.twitter.com/SilkedStained www.youtube.com/SilkedandStained www.instagram.com/SilkedandStained Connect with Lions Pride Music: www.tiny.cc/lionspridemusic www.facebook.com/lionspridemusic www.twitter.com/lionspridemusic www.youtube.com/lionspridemusic
  15. From Lions Pride Music: Lions Pride Music feels proud to announce the signing of the melodic hard rockers Hideaway! Hideaway's self titled debut album is going to be released on 30 September 2019! Hideaway features vocalist Manos Fatsis already known from one of our latest releases this year "Odyssey Desperado - Don't Miss The Sunset"! Band: Hideaway Album: Hideaway Label: Lions Pride Music Cat. Number: LPM067 Release Date: 30/09/2019 Tracklist: 1. Another Day 2. Promises of Yesterday 3. Calling You 4. Hideaway 5. Lonely Nights 6. Life is a Wonder 7. Sometimes 8. Masquerade 9. Unknown Hero 10. Road to Nowhere 11. Far Away Members: Manos Fatsis (Vocals) Dimitris Paloudis (Guitars) Dinos Georgiou (Guitars) Peter Papadimatos (Keys) Johny Kontos (Bass) Harris Georgiou (Drums) BIO: HIDEAWAY formed in 2010 at Athens (Greece) by guitarist Dinos Georgiou (ex-Metallist) and Peter Papadimatos on keyboards. During the search of members and after several changes Harris Georgiou took the drummers position. In early 2016, with the valuable participation, and the vast experience of Manos Fatsis (ex-Dark Nova, ex-Devilusion) the band completed the songs and started recording their first demo. At the end of 2016 also bassist Johnnie Kontos (ex- Flying Mercury) joined the band and later on 2017 Dimitris Paloudis (Rock Bottom) took the position as a second guitarist. The sound and the influences of the band is a mixture of Α.O.R. and Hard Rock from the 80's and the early 90's era. www.facebook.com/HideawayGR
  16. From their facebook page: We are excited to present you Adellaide’s front cover, tracklist, and info for their upcoming second álbum "New Horizons", to be released worldwide on November 29, 2019 [LPM069]! Tracklist: 1. Robotica, 2. Times Hotel, 3. Nightfalls, 4. Tonight (Once In A Lifetime), 5. Ring Of Saturn, 6. Smile, 7. It's Just A Matter Of Time, 8. Oceania, 9. Paradise Grace, 10. Together Again Adellaide was formed in 2016 with the proposal to make Melodic Hard Rock with A.O.R. elements inspired by names like: Journey, Survivor, Kansas, Asia, mixing it with a current sound like Lionville, Care of Night, Sonic Station, Wild Rose. The band debuted recording an EP of the same name in 2016, which gained widespread public and press attention, and in 2017, their debut album was released with eleven tracks, recorded at IMF (Falaschi Musical Institute), produced by Tito Falaschi, brother by Edu Falaschi, former singer of the band Angra, and Ale Nammur. The album was called "Flying High" and released on physical CD along with the worldwide digital download on October 31, 2017 by Lions Pride Music. Album covers were designed by artist Joey Polycarpo, who worked with many well-known names in the genre, such as A.O.R. Frederic Slama, Goran Edman, Chasing Violets and many others. The band has a music video for the song "Save Your Love (First EP) and Learn to Live (Flying High)" on Sony Music and made it available on the Vevo platform in addition to the Lions Pride Music channel. Two years later, the newly formed band returns with their second work, “New Horizons”, mixed, mastered and produced by Tito Falaschi, with 10 tracks with AOR sound and pure melodic hard rock full of cameos! New Horizons is released on November 29, 2019 via Lions Pride Music worldwide.
  17. Good stuff. From Lions Pride Music: We feel excited to announce our new signing coming straight from New Jersey / New York REALITY SUITE and their brand new album "Awaken"!! Label: Lions Pride Music Band: REALITY SUITE Album: Awaken Cat. Number: LPM066 Release Date: 28 June 2019 Tracklist: 1. Dead to Me, 2. Grave, 3. Live Now Forever, 4. Cut, Burn, Bruise, 5. Lust, 6. Bury Me Alive (Bonus Track), 7. Blame It On Angles, 8. Wrong With Me, 9. Kiss the Ring, 10. Grave (Acoustic Mix / Bonus Track) BIO: “Reality Suite is a bit of a New Jersey super-group. Their fusion of modern and classic rock is a fairly compelling mix since they really don’t sound like any other indie band I can think of,” declared Jim Testa - founder of Jersey Beat fanzine and contributing writer to Rolling Stone magazine. Formed in 2009 in North Haledon, New Jersey by three life long friends, Brian King (drums,) Antonio Valenti (bass,) and Joe Padula (guitars) – their ambition has been to write heavy, melodic rock. After a string of male and female vocalists, Kimmii Heart joined establishing the definitive line-up now known worldwide. In September of 2015, the self-produced debut full length”Skinn” was released. A breath of fresh air to global modern rock fans, it was secretly a greatest hits album capitalizing on Reality Suite’s most popular songs from previous EPs. "Skinn boasts a number of standout tracks, including hook-laden first single, Die Dreaming, the equally infectious Save My Life and Playing with Fire and the propulsive Vegas Holiday" - commented the Record/Herald News reporter, Brian Aberback. The song Save My Life was featured as the Song of the Week in Steppin' Out, a NJ music publication. MPire Magazine declared, “Skinn is a damned near perfect piece of rock, one that incorporates the old and new in the right balance." After an aggressive band managed social media campaign, Reality Suite has developed over 20,000 followers worldwide. There are pleas from male and female fans of all ages requesting the New Jersey based band to perform in their cities and countries. Several continents are represented by fans posting photos with their “Skinn” CD, posting screenshots of streaming tracks and videos of themselves singing songs from the acclaimed album. “When recording “Skinn,” we didn’t know if anyone was going to care about it. We knew about 12 friends that would be interested, that was it. Months after its release, we are constantly receiving praise from fans around the world. It is so fulfilling. It is truly driving us to take our new album to the next level,” Brian told WDHA 105.5FM DJ, Lidsay Klein in an interview. In October 2016, Reality Suite released the single "Bury Me Alive." Leading music review website, Stereo Stickman stated: "It feels like an instant classic. It’s like the band have taken this incredible leap forwards into alternate territory, without sacrificing any of what we loved about them in the first place. They’ve brought back the things we loved the most about early 2000’s rock and pop-rock, and fused it effectively with this fresh and always addictive Reality Suite sound." After being approached by Grammy winning Producer Earl Cohen (Lady Gaga, Jessica Simpson) and Grammy nominated Producer/Engineer Mike Ferretti (Sevendust) – Reality Suite began recording the follow-up to Skinn in December 2017. Weblinks: Website: http://www.realitysuite.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/realitysuite Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/realitysuite Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/realitysuite YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/realitysuite
  18. From Lions Pride Music: We feel proud to announce the release of HUSH's 20th Anniversary jubilee "If You Smile (Recycled)" re-issue on 30 November 2018!!! "If You Smile (Recycled)" has been re-recorded and will also have a slightly different front cover plus will also contain 2 new bonus tracks than the original version. Press limited to 500 CDs and will be available worldwide!
  19. Album out in November. www.marennaofficial.com FB Tracks: 01. Reason To Live 02. Can´t Let You Go 03. Never Surrender 04. Come Back 05. The Price 06. Fall In Love Again (Feat. Sasha Z, Ivan and Andria Busic) 07. About Love 08. Forever 09. So Different 10. No Regrets
  20. From Lions Pride Music: Odyssey Desperado is a melodic hard rock project started by Odysseas Karapolitis in 2014 in Athens, Greece. His dream was to share the music, the melodies and the ideas he had in his mind with other people. For achieving this goal he worked with the multi-talented producer Bob Katsionis (Outloud, Firewind ) at Sound Symmetry Studio, also recruited one of the best Greek voices in the genre Manos Fatsis on lead vocals, and the legendary Paul Laine (ex-Danger Danger) on backing vocals. Four years later, the result of this cooperation has brought in the surface the album "Don't Miss The Sunset, which he signed and will be released on 30 March 2018 by Lions Pride music. Odyssey Desperado are:: ◾Odyssey Desperado - Lead & Rhythm Guitar's ◾Bob Katsionis - Bass Guitar, Keyboards & Programming ◾Manos Fatsis - Lead Vocals ◾Paul Laine - Background Vocals Mixed & Produced: Bob Katsionis Mastered by: Nassos Nomikos at Vu Productions Mastering Studio Recorded at: Sound Symmetry Studio, Athens, Greece. Connect with Odyssey Desperado: https://www.facebook.com/OdysseyDesperado Track list: 1) Rush Of The Wave 2) You And Me Against The World 3) Cruisin' 4) Dreams Die hard 5) Can't Live Without You 6) Oasis (In The Desert Of Your Soul 7) Holding On To A Dream 8) Fragile 9) Tomorrow You'll Be Gone 10) Wings Of Silk
  21. From Lions Pride Music: Lions Pride Music feels excited to announce and welcome the signing and comeback of the commercial hard rockers Rox Diamond and their upcoming new third album which is called "Let The Music Do The Talkin’" to be released on 30 July 2018 (Cat. Number LPM062)! Bringing back the old memories and with 12 full tracks the way only Rox Diamond can do! An album that won't leave anyone disappointed! More info coming up soon...! Tracklist: 1/ Savannah Blue 2/ Let The Music Do The Talkin’ 3/ You Can Never Love Somebody Too Hard 4/ Angeline 5/ Just Wanting You 6/ Yesterday Is Gone 7/ The Way I Feel 8/ Two Hearts 9/ Lonely Without You 10/ Midnight Girl 11/ Hold Our Heads Up High 12/ Never Say Goodbye Line Up: Paul Daniels / Lead & Background Vocals & Keyboards Kevin Achenbach / Lead & Rhythm Guitar’s Elliot Mayhew / Bass Guitar Mike Hansen / Drums Discography: Rox Diamond - Let The Music Do The Talkin’ (2018) Rox Diamond - Live In Japan 1992 (2005) Rox Diamond - Powerdrive (2005) Rox Diamond - Rox Diamond (1992)
  22. From FB: Silked & Stained were born on April of 2009 by Tony Silked (Antonis Gavalas) and Johnny Boston (Giannis Mpastounis) from the love they shared for Melodic Hard Rock. They started performing their first gigs at An Club and then to other known musical venues in Greece such as Bat City, Jasmine, Lazy while they also started working on ideas for their own staff. After several lineup changes, in the summer of 2010 James Sarantides (Dimitris Sarandidis) took place behind the keyboards and a couple of years later, Orpheus Lazz (Orpheus Lazarou) joined the family as the drummer keeping the band in pace with George Rachiotis (George Rachiotis) taking the position of the bass player. In 2014 the last change of the lineup took place with Alexis Pantazis taking over the difficult role of the frontman following the departure of Johnny Boston. The genre of the band is Melodic Hard Rock with influences from great bands of the 80's such as Bon Jovi, Guns 'n' Roses , Poison, FM, Ratt, Skid Row , etc. In 2011 they released their first demo single called Lonely Road and on April 2014 the new single titled Much Love for the Pure Rock 7 collection of Atlantis Records and Atlantis FM 105,2. The band aims to released its first album in 2014. 'Much Love' and 'Lonely Road': http://www.reverbnation.com/silkedandstained/songs
  23. Press release from Lions Pride Music: Lions Pride Music is happy to announce the signing of Norwigan melodic rockers HUSH, for their brand new up and coming 4th album, Department Of Faith, which will be released on December the 12th. HUSH made a stir within the melodic rock community with the release of the debut "If You Smile" back in 1998. The album sold well in Europe (AOR Heaven) and Japan (JVC/Victor) and was filled with catchy arena rock anthems. The sophomore cd, simply entitled "II", emerged in 2001 on Now & Then (UK) and the Italian label Frontiers Records. It was a natural step further for Hush, yet without moving away from the style from the debut. Both records were very well received all over the world. The third release, 'Mirage' (2006) (Raido Music)won over new fans with a different and more modern approach. HUSH is currently putting the final touch to their brand new studio album entitled, Department Of Faith, which have already spin of 2 singles so far, Black Ice, & Hold On. The band is also planning to hit the road for touring in support of the new album and once again reconnect with their fans worldwide. The HUSH band members now includes founding members Kenneth Kristiansen (guitars/keyboards), Patrick Simonsen (vocals/guitars), Knut Dalbakk(bass), Thorleif Østmoe (keyboards/vocals) and Antonio Torner (drums/vocals).
  24. From Lions Pride Music: We feel proud to present you the front cover and tracklist of our upcoming November release of King's Call's third album which is called "ShowDown" (cat. number LPM055)! "ShowDown" will be released physically and digitally through us at 27 November 2017! Tracklist: 1) Who am I 2) Looking in the mirror 3) Get out 4) High time 5) Principle of love 6) S.O.S 7) Showdown 8) Shout it out 9) Cry on the wind 10) Rocking in the free world (Neil Young Cover [only on physical version]) 11) Hope King's Call Line Up: Alex Garoufalidis: Vocals, Guitars Chris Tsangarides: Bass, Keys Asec Bergemann : Drums Special guests: Michael Bormann: Lead & Backing vocals Tony Carey : Keyboards Guest Musicians: Additional vocals & back up vocals: Miriam Busse, Vivi Thill, Stephan Kabisch Additional Hammond organ: Stephan Kabisch
  25. From glorydazemusic.com: Background We introduce a new Brazilian band in 2016 called Adellaide. They've just released a three track EP which sounds pretty good to these ears. From Sao Paulo, Adellaide have all the ingredients which makes for a great AOR band, without sounding like the cookie-cutter releases coming out of Europe these days. Adellaide are full on with pompous keyboards and razor sharp guitar work, just the way many of the GDM regulars like it! The Songs Just the three songs here, opening with the glorious 'Save Your Love', this band have got it on a string. Daniel Vargas has a voice tailor made for our favourite sub-genre of rock, and everything just clicks into place. 'Heroes' is slightly more restrained at the start, though you can tell this song could take off at any minute (like the warplane on the album cover), and it surely does. Another terrific dose of melodic hard rock/AOR. The third track 'Edge Of Feelings' has all the makings of a power ballad. Leading with some intricate piano work, the song comes alive soon after, the urgent rhythm section delivering the power of a turbo engine which allows guitarist Ale Nammur to fly over the top with the precision of a guided missile. In Summary This short EP has got me wanting more from this great new band. According to the band's FB page, a full length CD is in the works and is scheduled for a 2017 release courtesy of Lions Pride Music. Joining the band recently is new keyboardist Leandro Freitas, who was previously with Horyzon, another Brazilian band on the Lions Pride roster. The new Adellaide album should be on everyone's 2017 watch-list. In the meantime, track this EP down and take a trip to Adellaide! Adellaide: Daniel Vargas (vocals and Keyboards) Ale Nammur (guitars) Alek Ribet (bass) Claudio Nammur (drums) FB
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