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  1. I had never heard this. Was expecting an ACDC sound with the band name. But, no. Sounds like an indie, but I have heard worse.
  2. About time I posted a Stryper song. This is my favourite track from their underrated 1990 album.
  3. "If I died right now, I'd be a hero in rock and roll. I'll always be remembered as the first to open this category for women as hard rockers. And that will make me live forever." Lita Ford (1989)
  4. Bride - Skin for Skin The Echoing Green - Supernova The Stand - In Three Days Uthanda - Believe Vector - Vital
  5. I watched an old 1985 post-apocalyptic movie called Wheels of Fire. It was insane. They literally had the bad guys driving around with a topless chick tied to the bonnet of their car at one stage. Anyway it was good stuff. They don't make b-movies like that nowadays.
  6. Sorry I added that last sentence myself. 😅 glad you liked it.
  7. She shoulda stayed away. That is shite. I'm gonna pretend I never heard it so she can stay a brilliant one-and-done artist.
  8. True. You have to pick a team though. I'm on team Tate. I would love a reunion. Was just listening to Empire again on tge weekend. Love that album. Many love early Ryche the best but I love Mindcrime to Promise Land era the best. Initially I liked the newer albums but after a while they just don't have the replayability of ANY of the Tate-era albums, even the 2000s albums.
  9. Statement from British Lion: Due to circumstances beyond our control British Lion are really sad and disappointed to announce that we will not be able to participate in the tour with The Darkness. Very recently we received their own (pandemic) protocols that are not Government protocols which are completely unacceptable to us. Therefore, we have no alternative but to withdraw from the tour. Nothing is confirmed about the rumour that British Lion also realised that nowadays The Darkness "were shit".
  10. "I'm not worried about our audience disappearing, because we can always count on our fans." Kevin DuBrow (Quiet Riot (1985)
  11. auslander


    I married one 😆
  12. Jonathan Pagano has one of the best voices in rock. So pure and emotive.
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