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  1. With The Pre Order of Platinum Overdose "Murder In High Heels" in full swing we wanted to offer everyone a extra treat! T-shirts are now available! https://www.demondollrecords.com/collections/platinum-overdose
  2. Thank you very much for the kind words we all truly appreciate it. If you have a FB page, hit the like button for the Platinum Overdose page
  3. Brand New Release from Demon Doll Records! Breakout the Aqua Net & Spandex it's 1986 again! https://platinumoverdose.com/home
  4. Brand New Demon Doll Release! Pre Orders available now! https://platinumoverdose.com/home
  5. https://www.demondollrecords.com/products/5-guns-west-bad-boys-rock-n-roll-2019-reissue
  6. https://www.demondollrecords.com/products/5-guns-west-bad-boys-rock-n-roll-2019-reissue
  7. Check out the reissue if you get a chance. Completely remastered. Sounds phenomenal
  8. Awesome story! Thanks for sharing! Yes, please do pick it up If you get a chance. Completely remastered! Sounds phenomenal!
  9. That's awesome! This one has been completely remastered! Sounds phenomenal!
  10. https://www.demondollrecords.com/products/dirty-blonde-passion-2019-reissue
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