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  1. In The Air Tonight-Phil Collins
  2. A lot of trump supporters are sheep and eat up the fear mongering like candy.The evilangelicals are the worst.They claim to pray to a strong,all-knowing god but yet believe trump when he said that Biden was going to hurt god.Trump kept claiming that Biden was old,senile,had dementia,blah blah blah yet somehow he could hurt the god that you believe created the universe ! How asinine is that !
  3. Rock Is In My Blood-Sammy Hagar
  4. Even Moscow Mitch is calling Biden-president elect
  5. He had me going too until the last word he used-consideration.WTF ???
  6. Years later and Mondays still suck !
  7. Welcome To My Living Room-Carole King
  8. nyoilers

    NFL 2020

    Titans back on track !
  9. I heard her voice on a Ted Poley release and it was the worst song on the CD.I don't need to hear anything from her again.
  10. You missed one-Caught in the Mosh
  11. It's alright because trump has f'd the whole country for the past 4 years so at least he's only doing it to his sheep
  12. It's called an official election defense fund and he basically can do whatever he wants with the money
  13. nyoilers

    NFL 2020

    December will separate the men from the boys !
  14. The Boy In the Box-Corey Hart
  15. Trying to get trump and his supporters to deal with reality.But the longer trump can string this along he can sucker out money from his supporters
  16. We have reached the safe harbor point in the election and it's safe to say that Joe Biden has won !!!
  17. Don't You Know What The Night Can Do-Steve Winwood
  18. Yes,Trump is sickening in more ways than one
  19. Alice Cooper Goes To Hell-Alice Cooper
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