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  1. Bring It On Home-Led Zeppelin
  2. Clock Strikes Ten-Cheap Trick
  3. Iron Maiden-Nights of the Dead-Legacy of the Beast Live in Mexico City
  4. Hey,I wanted to be the last to post in all 4 of the talk o matic threads so here I am. Hope all is well with you
  5. It's gonna have to come down in price before I entertain the thought of buying it
  6. I think only Maiden can pull off following a live CD with another live CD.The world probably doesn't need another live release from them but to me it just reaffirms how great they are.And I really like these releases that come in the book format.Nice to be able to read the liner notes !
  7. My guess is that the vaccination is coming.If you choose not to get it there's a great chance that you'll get the rona.As soon as everybody who wants the vaccination gets it I'd like to get back to some sort of normalcy-not wearing a mask,social distancing,etc...I would hope that everyone wants that.
  8. AC/DC-Pwr Up Iron Maiden-Nights of the Dead-Legacy of the Beast
  9. He must've voted in Michigan where all the ballots were flown to Germany and then back to Michigan
  10. If you had an option of getting the Coronavirus or getting the vaccination for Covid-19 which one would you choose? I choose the vaccination
  11. 100% correct.There is no evidentiary evidence to prove widespread fraud.Rudy is just a clown.That press conference was such a joke.How does Hugo Chavez who died in 2013 affect this election?
  12. Thunder Road-Bruce Springsteen
  13. Man on your mind-Little River Band
  14. Trump's a douchebag who has changed his position on issues like abortion just to get elected.He has no values or morals. When he goes so does his family.Good bye and good riddance !
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