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  1. They created their own destruction. It's like Corabi replaced Vince in Motley Crue.It's not the Crue and they should've changed their name. Same thing with the Republican party.He has nothing in common with the party.That's why they had no platform this year when trump ran for re-election because it's whatever trump wants.They can't be called republicans any longer. When the leader of your party tells you that elections are stolen and your vote doesn't matter than why should you vote?The state of Georgia proved that yesterday.Republicans should've won those 2 seats.
  2. Out of Our Heads-The Rolling Stones
  3. Doom and Gloom-The Rolling Stones
  4. Hopefully this will end the republican party.They had a chance to disavow trump but blew it. The self proclaimed party of law and order -what a joke. The person that counts the votes doesn't get to decide the winner of the election.Everybody gets it but Trump !
  5. If the list was the top 5 posters on this site then I' know that I'm #1 on that list !
  6. Sorry but that ship has already sailed.But at least you'd have an excuse on why you don't have a life.
  7. Politically correct-One of the most overused terms in society.
  8. You've been averaging somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,000 posts per year.Or 3 posts a day. Since you don't have a life you probably should invest in a tower or desktop computer.Or even just a laptop so you can see how many posts you have.With the right attitude you could become the first person to reach 100,000 posts !
  9. In My Time of Dying-Led Zeppelin
  10. 4 days into the new year and you have to start busting balls ! Just because you have over 10,000 posts doesn't give you the right to behave like this !
  11. Standing on the Edge-Cheap Trick
  12. nyoilers

    NFL 2020

    Titans win their division !!! Bring on the Ravens
  13. The Ohio State University vs. Clemson Revenge game for the Buckeyes after getting screwed by the refs last year !
  14. Son of a Son of a Sailor-Jimmy Buffett
  15. You Drive Me Nervous-Alice Cooper
  16. Fire of Unknown Origin-Blue Oyster Cult
  17. Yes to what you wrote.And while there are probably some people who for health reasons can't get vaccinated ,the ones who don't want to for other reasons need to realize that most of us are tired of wearing masks,social distancing,etc...Once I get vaccinated I'm not gonna want to wear a mask anymore to protect people who don't want the vaccine.Might sound selfish but the vaccine is going to be free to anyone who wants it.
  18. For the Greater Good of God-Iron Maiden
  19. nyoilers


    That sucks ! Get well soon and get out of the hospital
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