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  1. This/these threads are why we came and stayed. Those unheard of gems and the endless banter and braggarting! Rare is a subjective term and one that sometimes has an Ebay $$$ amount attached. I'd say for me the "rarest" CD I own is of the unreleased Top Heavy Crush album. Recorded at Ardent Studios, the engineer made 5 pro-printed CDR's for the band on the spot from the masters which are long gone. I got mine from the guitarist Jim Paulson (some may know him from New American Shame, The Lemons, Point Defiance, Talks Cheap, Tramp Alley, et al). The album is very nice indeed and would have been well received if handled properly. Not alot of videos and clips out there but here are 2 live tracks of the rockier numbers and a rare studio track from the aforementioned LP. ENJOY!
  2. martinsane

    Tempt - s/t

    My sentiments as well. Spoke with the singer and guitarist a few times got both the CD's and as mentioned they are very likable, cordial and quite obviously talented.
  3. martinsane

    Mr. Big/Extreme

    And how was the VIP box treatment? What is the line up for Extreme? Is the original 4?
  4. martinsane

    Lipz - Scaryman

    As with everything from the Lipz camp I am smitten with the Get It On track. These kids are as cool as can be. I can't wait to get a copy, maybe they will send me one... One thing that saddens me is the lack of bass player in the vid. Sure they may be in between but have the singer grab a bass vs the guitar and the continuity is restored, all is right with the world...
  5. martinsane

    Jacob Deraps - Fuck Off

    Sounds fine to me and his playing is good. Reminds me of Josh Zee from Prot!en which is a mega compliment.
  6. martinsane

    Lizzy Borden - My Midnight Things

    Sigh. This one is better than My Midnight Things, it is reminiscent of Me Against The World done by Wednesday 13 without the solo and half the oomph. I have the whole album and will spin shortly and hope for something with more staying power.
  7. martinsane

    Siren - "Up From the Depths: Early Anthology & More"

    Post tracker says by Monday, so now spins for another few days...
  8. martinsane

    Big City - Big City Life

    Yes this one will be excellent as was the first album Wintersleep that is getting combo'd with the new release. Daniel is a hell of a guitarist + and there should be noone that shouldn't like this stuff. More info from my SR post with band links: https://sleazeroxx.com/big-citys-new-album-big-city-life-wintersleep-double-cd-coming-june-22nd/
  9. martinsane

    Adrenaline Mob

    Looks like another "supergroup" in the making in Adrenaline Mob. And for pity sake who doesn't love The Duke! News blurb: Former DREAM THEATER and AVENGED SEVENFOLD drummer Mike Portnoy has announced his new project as the ADRENALINE MOB. The new band features SYMPHONY X singer Russell Allen, guitarist Rich Ward (STUCK MOJO, FOZZY), guitarist Mike Orlando and bassist Paul DiLeo (NENA). The band's intimate live debut is confirmed for June 24th at The Hiro Ballroom in New York City. According to a band update, Adrenaline Mob "will be playing a sneak preview of songs from their upcoming debut album as well as a few classic covers!" Very limited tickets available now at this location. Man wish I was back East I'd surely try to get in on this show!!
  10. martinsane

    Siren - "Up From the Depths: Early Anthology & More"

    Still waiting. but Stormy is a busy guy and he is certainly making the wait worth it. Still listening to Tornado of Blood and it is great imho.
  11. martinsane

    Cover songs

    Was binging on Lizzy Borden and stumbled upon this "cover"...
  12. martinsane

    Bad Marriage

    VERY tasty KIX-ish rock n roll from this Boston rock n roll outfit! https://www.facebook.com/BadMarriageBand/ https://www.badmarriagemusic.com/
  13. martinsane

    Siren - "Up From the Depths: Early Anthology & More"

    This one is on its way to my house! Can't wait!
  14. martinsane

    Lizzy Borden - My Midnight Things

    OMG. How to state the obvious without immediately offense... uhm... Firstly there are MANY IE ALL early LB albums that are "essential" if not critical. Give "'Em The Ax", "Murderous Metal Roadshow", "Love You To Pieces" are the backbone to LB. Hell we can even slip in the Terror Rising EP with the reboots and the classic "duet" with Betsy Bitch "Don't Touch Me There". As mentioned Menace to Society is also crucial LB. Master and Visual Lies are excellent but when compared to the early works are missing the rawness.
  15. martinsane

    VANITY INSANITY - Piece Of Her Cake (2017-2018)

    Nice find. Thanks for the share.
  16. martinsane

    Lizzy Borden - My Midnight Things

    I stated elsewhere that I hope this is the throw away tune and the rest of the album is Give "em The Ax part II. I'd settle for Visual Lies part II. I am a staunch LB supporter and fan so my optimism is optimistic yet after the initial track also apprehensive...
  17. martinsane

    5 Seconds Of Summer

    Second song is not allowed in "my country". The first tune is nice however.
  18. martinsane

    Cover songs

    Not necessarily a "cover" song but I LOVE this new band Saints of Sin and the co-lead guitarist Sophie is a beast. On the guitar that is otherwise the opposite...
  19. martinsane

    Lipz - Scaryman

    I saw that and assumed, hence the post.
  20. martinsane

    Lipz - Scaryman

    I've had a semi for these lads for a while now. Really talented with some excellent tunage.
  21. martinsane

    Retrospect Records is for sale

    I'd take it off his hands for $100. Only "value" is in the CD's as the other stuff is worthless. These days anyone can get a webpage and find a band or two to press some cd's. If there was some mega vault of demo's or masters then I might go $150...
  22. martinsane

    Lee Aaron - Diamond baby blues

    Songs not bad. Sounds strikingly like a rocking Shania Twain. Lee/Shania both highly appealing aesthetically.
  23. martinsane

    The Brink

    While we are speaking to nice songs and solid bands that we may have missed, Sheffields The Brink is just that and according to their FB they are still kicking about and working on a new release. BOy I would really like to find the couple EP's they mention the released. https://www.facebook.com/thebrinkband/ https://youtu.be/In2Wo-MXbFc
  24. martinsane

    The Brink

    Nice. Guess I should get on the payroll over at Frontiers as they seem to sign all the bands I post here at HH...
  25. martinsane

    Dokken new live reunion CD/DVD

    So I will go first and say that is the best Dokken track since Dream Warriors and George is better than ever if that is possible and Don even manages a medium high note or two. Well done.

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