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  1. Gotthardline

    Boys Of Fall - 'Chasing Lonely' EP

    I like these guys will give the new songs a listen for sure I'd suggest checking out a new album from a band called Sink the Ship actually , sound a bit like these guys although heavier
  2. Gotthardline

    Blessthefall - Hard Feelings

    it's really nice and my favourite would be Sakura Blues After hearing this I checked out their back catalogue and their early stuff doesn't do much for me but the album before this one is fantastic , better than this new one I think
  3. Gotthardline

    Black Stone Cherry - White Trash Millionaire

    I love between the devil and the deep blue sea , like the debut and the follow up , like parts of the last album and absolutely hate the new one , they have gone full on blues rock it would seem which is not for me , great band live though
  4. Gotthardline

    VEGA - Only Human

    on the subject of Blessthefall , I absolutely love that new album
  5. Gotthardline

    Pop Evil - Waking Lions

    Birds of prey is my pick from the album , like be legendary too and don't mind a few others
  6. Gotthardline

    Pop Evil - Waking Lions

    That's actually one of the few songs I didn't mind from this album
  7. Gotthardline

    Awaken I am - Blind Love

    Did you check out the first full length album from these guys mate? really good stuff imo
  8. Gotthardline

    From ashes to new

    yep a great album , gets regular play from me They also released 3 non album tracks on youtube and they are all really nice, especially this one
  9. Gotthardline

    VEGA - Only Human

    Not doing a lot for me after one listen , some very good songs but a handful that sound pretty average Will need more listens though
  10. Gotthardline

    Shinedown - Devil

    It's fantastic Two or three songs that could of been from the sound of madness But really good all round and much heavier than the last one
  11. Gotthardline

    Awaken I am - Blind Love

    New song with a new singer , shame as I loved the last guys voice This sounds pretty decent though
  12. Gotthardline

    Slaves - Beautiful Death

    One of my favourite songs this year
  13. Gotthardline

    What's a spinnin' in your CD player?

    Godsmack - When Legends Rise Hawthorne Heights - Bad Frequencies
  14. Gotthardline

    Modern Rock Ballads

  15. Gotthardline

    What's a spinnin' in your CD player?

    Pop evil - pop evil