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  1. tts42572

    Perfect Plan - All Rise

    I kind of agree. I do like the album a lot and no denying it sounds fantastic. For me, it's the kind of album that's enjoyable to listen to but at the same time doesn't really get my blood pumping or get me pounding on the car dashboard. I still find myself wishing they mixed in a little more edge on a song or two. I do really like Stone Cold Lover and Never Surrender, with What Comes Around, Too Late and In & Out Of Love not far behind. And Bad City Woman isn't too bad. There's a couple songs I find myself sort of glossing over a bit and really don't care much for the 1985 song. Overall, it's good though and top 10 material. For me though, it's a long ways behind stuff like Shiraz Lane, W.e.t and Maverick that I'm really digging and gets my juices flowing
  2. tts42572

    H.E.A.T - Into The Great Unknown

    Got to see H.e.a.t in Chicago this past weekend....Wow, they blew the roof off the place! Anyways, also got the chance to chat a bit with Jona and asked if there is any talk of the next album. He said they have about 8 songs ready so far and were planning to hit the studio in the fall but that might be getting pushed back now to the spring due to a European tour. He said they're definitely aiming to have the next album out by the end of 2019. He said they really can't afford to take as much time off as they did with the last album as the band is the only source of income for most of the guys. So hopefully next year at this time we're gearing up for the next album
  3. Way too expensive....all I'd want is the 4 Cd's. Hopefully they just release the 4 Cd's as a set for like $40-$50 or something.
  4. tts42572

    Perfect Plan - All Rise

    Finally got my actual CD and really liking this too....just good, solid throwback melodic rock and pretty catchy stuff. I quite like Bad City Woman, Stone Cold Lover, What Goes Around and Never Surrender. Nothing wrong with any of the other songs either though. The singer can definitely sing and there is some good musicianship and production going on throughout. I'd say this will surely be in my top 10.
  5. tts42572

    New STATION Release

    I tend to agree about the ballads....Does feel like at least one or two too many. I think where I mostly notice it is toward the end of the album with Northport Sunset and Walking Away so close together. I'd have rather had All You Need Is A Heartbeat or some other uptempo song in place of at least one of those songs. I have to admit I'm a little irritated they left that song off as I liked it a lot and feel like it would've been among my favorite songs on this. I even liked the other single Never Enough more than those other two songs. With the ballads and a couple songs being too long, the album does seem to drag just a tiny bit in a couple spots. On my past couple listens I sort of find myself wanting to skip past Losing You and Northport Sunset. But I do still like the album a lot and find myself really liking 7-8 tunes on this. And do think I like it slightly better overall than the debut. The debut might've had a couple stronger songs but feel like this tighter top to bottom. Solid release overall and looking forward to seeing some of these new songs live at MRF5
  6. tts42572

    Perfect Plan - All Rise

    Listened to this and wow, pretty impressed. Really solid melodic rock album. I'm not sure they made a great choice putting out In & Out Of Love as the first single as it gave me the perception that this was going to be a very lite AOR album. Basically that song is the closest thing to a ballad on the whole album. It's mostly just full of upbeat melodic melodic rock songs full of hooks, great vocals and some cool riffs/musicianship. I think an album it sort of reminds me of stylistically is Harem Scarem's United in terms of just being a solid melodic rock album with some 80's vibes but still sounding modern and not copycat or cheesy. However, there's a couple songs here though that feel like they could be perfect songs for like an 80's movie or something. Good stuff though and would say the last two songs above (Never Surrender and Stone Cold Lover) are more representative of the album than the first two songs (In & Out Of Love and Gone Too Far).
  7. tts42572

    Bon Jovi - Rough

    I basically feel the same way. I can't think of another band I've had such a big swing with. These guys were right there with my favorite bands at one point and I stuck with them and gave them the benefit of the doubt for a long time.....Up to about the Have A Nice Day album. After that album though, they fell off a cliff for me with releases so bad that I couldn't even listen to them anymore. They're a band that I wish would've quit rather than turn into what they have.
  8. tts42572

    Perfect Plan - All Rise

    Agree! Might be my favorite yet. Reviews I've seen on this have all been glowing and the more I hear, the more I like. I think I'm off the fence now
  9. tts42572

    Perfect Plan - All Rise

    I think I'm gonna pre-order....Only $10 with free shipping on Amazon so not a bad deal. Read a few reviews and all have been pretty positive. I saw one reviewer say there weren't any ballads and the first single was the most "ballad" song. And supposed to be a few pretty good melodic rockers outside the songs we've heard. The vocalist definitely can sing and songs are well written with some obvious good musicianship. If there was a bit more edge it would be a no brainer. It's one that could easily go either way for me but I don't see too much coming down the pipe the next month or two so figure I'll give it a try. Right now my rotation is Shiraz Lane, Maverick, Station and Dangerous Curves so maybe it'll strike a chord being different than those.
  10. tts42572

    New STATION Release

  11. tts42572

    New STATION Release

    Listening this morning and sounding good to me. I think the title track More Than The Moon is my early favorite and maybe my new favorite Station song. That would be followed in some order by Easier Said Than Done, I Won't Break Your Heart, Always Be A Part Of Me and When I Came Undone. I do think it sounds a bit more huge than the debut and also is more concise with 12 songs. If I have a criticism, it might be that a couple songs feel a tiny bit too long. I think Lie To Me is close to 7 minutes and Losing You is just over 6 minutes. And also still disappointed they didn't include All You Need is A Heartbeat on the album as I really like that song and feel like it would've fit well somewhere early in the track list on this. I hope maybe they include it somewhere in the future as I'd just like to have it in CD quality to listen to. Tough to say much else at this point though only having been through it once. I think initially I'm feeling like it's stronger top to bottom than the debut and a solid release.
  12. tts42572

    Perfect Plan - All Rise

    I do think I liked that last song Never Surrender the best so far after listening to it properly. I'm squarely on the fence here if I want to preorder this or not. It does sound really good, the songs seem very well put together and the singer can definitely sing. It just doesn't seem to have the same sort of melodic hard rock edge that is where my tastes normally lie and while it sounds good, not sure it'll really blow me away. That said though, part of me still finds myself kind of liking it if I'm in the right mood.
  13. Have to say I'm really digging this album and think they did a fantastic job with this. Yeah, it's a tad heavier than the last two but sounds great. Among the rockers I really like Cold Star Dancer, Kiss Of Fire and Viper. And I also really like the more melodic numbers in Seize The Day, Goodbye and Kings that lend a little variety and break up the rockers. I'm not sure yet how I'll rank it among their other two albums. I liked Big Red a bit better than Quid Pro Quo and my initial reaction is that I like this one a little bit more than Big Red. For me, Big Red tailed off just a bit in the second half and I'm liking this new one basically from the first note all the way to the end. It's really splitting hairs though.....All are great albums. The only thing i don't like is the digipak it came in. Oh how I wish artists would stop using these things as they always just end up getting bent, frayed, or whatever. I know it's not the "collectible" thing to do, but I either cut these things up to try making jewel case inserts out of them or scan them and make my own inserts. So in that regard the first two albums had a leg up even though this might be the best artwork of the three. It's a shame they wasted it with digipaks even though I guess digipaks are better than no CD at all. Okay....sorry for the rant. Ultimately it's the music that matters and enjoying this one a lot.
  14. tts42572

    Dangerous Curves - So Dirty Right

    Pretty much my thoughts too.....definitely a fun, pretty good debut with that 80's party vibe. And Roxy Blue is a great comparison. I'd even agree on the favorite tracks. I also thought they did a pretty good job on the ballad Forbidden Love. Nice little surprise.