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Jaded Reign

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yeah...I got that cd, pretty good 80's type hard rock/hair metal....I wouldn't say it is worth their asking price though....I had 2 copies a couple of years ago, sold one for pretty good cash...kept one for my collection...




Anyone ever heard of them? They're obviously fetching a chunk-o-Cash


Jaded Reign Auction



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Had to get my cd out because I could not remember what year it came out...1995, sounds like it was made in 1990-1991, good late 80's, early 90's type hard rock....




What year is this release? From the computer artwork I'd assume it is mid 90es or even more recent.
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The seller is CDWOLVES and they have a shitload of other rarities for sale as well. I think they've been brought up before here somewhere



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CD was indeed released in 1995; the band members subsequently broke up and several members eventually went on to become KILLING SEASON, a Death Metal band. The band has tried to distance itself from their initial eighties metal hair band roots. CD is signed by all of the band members.

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I snagged up the Bewarp cd from this seller as well :banger:

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CD was indeed released in 1995; the band members subsequently broke up and several members eventually went on to become KILLING SEASON, a Death Metal band. The band has tried to distance itself from their initial eighties metal hair band roots. CD is signed by all of the band members.



You mean KILLING SEASON from Long Island, NY? If yes, I've heard their CD and they aint Death, but some sort of melodic modern metal with drum machine - not awfully bad, but definitely not my cup of tea.

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Just a short note to let everyone know I just heard back from Peter C. formerly from Jaded Reign. Here's what he had to say:



Thanks for checking in with us! We recently lost our friend and bass player from Jaded Reign in a tragic car accident. The remaining four members agreed to release ALL of the Jaded Reign catelog as a tribute to Brian later this summer. Please keep watching out for it, we appreciate your support.


Thanks so much,


Peter C."


I was saddened to hear abotu Brian, but the news of the pending re-releases warmed my heart a little.

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Thanks for the news. From the description of the band/music, I'm thinking this is something I'd like to hear. :banger:

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These guys aren't bad--there are FAR worse indies floating around out there collecting mad cash they don't deserve--but I think the production hurts them a little. Still, they serve up some solid late 80s/early 90s-style melodic hard rock/hair-metal. To my ears, they always sounded a little like a cross between early Jaded Heart and Britny Fox, with only the aforementioned so-so production holding them back from being something special.


However, unless this CD's value has shot up significantly in the last year or so, it's not worth the asking price. I've had 2 copies in the past 2 years...one sold for $185, the other sold for $150. So yeah, it's good but not THAT good, and yeah, it's pricey but not THAT pricey. <_<


As always, just my two cents' worth.


Keep the faith.


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I saw on the main site that the Jaded Reign doesn't have a photo (sorry, I couldn't find one to post), and after do some searchin' I found that the folks at Metal Mayhem have one (for reference purposes):



or, there is a profile for both Jaded Reign/Killing Season on myspace, with a Youtuber vid, too:



also, the Killing Season project is available on CDBaby:



with more samples to listen to here:



enjoy...... :beerbang:

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    • Appreciate the support and enthusiasm for the title. In ALL past releases I've fought hard and at times with the artists and rights holders to release something I as a fan would want to buy - and that includes original artwork, track listings and bonus material etc.. (had some good fights over those).  However, in this case, I fully agree with the guys. Its just not feasible to release and promote something called Sex Crimes in 2023. Politically correct, woke, reality...it just is what it is. The band has felt uneasy over the title for some time now. We will endeavor to make the release as true to the original apart from that title and a fresh take on the artwork. Apologies for the right-wing comments, that's my immediate reaction when I start hearing cancel culture stuff.
    • Yeah, I felt that Auslander was having a go at those who are easily offended, not Andrew.  I think the wombat got the wrong end of the stick.
    • This makes my brain hurt. You literally cannot win in this day and age.    
    • Bringing politics into a post about a band we are all here to celebrate isn't a good look, and that's coming from me, a right winger, because somebody would like a proper real release as in the original artwork and the way we bought it in 86 isn't being a right winger, it's being a good audiophile, I too think it's absurd to finally give this album a proper release after waiting so long for it, then to completely alter it for the sake of what? it's a re-release, that is going to be bought by people who already know what it is, and not some clueless stick figure buying it on a whim, It just kind of feels like a slap in the face, primarily because we all have a semi good idea as to why it's being changed, and that isn't right wing, that's actually left wing these days, so should I not buy it cause its altered? just to make a political point? I mean since you aren't concerned about him being offended? well I guess I could be labeled "others", and I would think you'd be a bit more understanding why someone would be irked over the decision, and it aint because they voted for Trump or Biden, but if me and him don't buy it you'd be losing a sale right? you can say you don't care, but if everybody didn't buy it to make a point, then you'd care, so why play to the people who aren't going to buy it regardless? instead of the people waiting decades for it to be released? that's all he's saying, you don't gotta be an asshole. If you knew him you'd know how horrible calling him a right winger is to him, as I assure you he's not, I feel I gotta say something, I blew it off originally but since the curtain got pulled back I feel the same way he does, but I'm not gonna fight over it, and it is a valid feeling and im sure others possess it, so you can call me all the names you want, talk about my mom, or my ex, you can trash me and my politics, I welcome it, but you really don't gotta bag on somebody for being a little put off over a 1st time release and the only CD release of an album many of us here love, BTW, regardless what you say to me, I'll still buy it, and I still appreciate what your doing even if I disagree with how your doing it, cool bro. now lets here what a fascist i am.
    • Thanks 4 the heads up bro, I truly appreciate it
    • Year of the Dog - Trench Dogs
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