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mail fraud

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If someone knows what's the procedure of filing for a mail fraud and can give me a hand I'd appreciate it. There is an utter twat who swindled me out of $60, for which I paid via postal money order and would like to give him a piece of my mind! :2up:

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Here is the mail fraud form from the USPS:




Plus, I believe you may be able to file some sort of claim through the attorney general's website of whatever state the person you're referring to resides in.



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Iordan....you can also go to your post office and file a claim .... you will first have to do a trace on the Money order to determine if it has been cashed. Then you can file a claim after that is verified. I did it once a couple of years ago after I ordered some CDs from a fellow in California and he never sent them. Just another avenue you can explore!



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Hey dude....Here is a place i used a couple of times...... www.ifccfbi.gov ......They work with you and will help you recover what you lost....... You have to give you them your life history...hahahaha....not really but with any kind of claim they what everything from point A to point B.....They helped me once recover $500 on and international transaction and once with a guy here in the US that ripped me off and our lovely friends at paypal wouldn't lift a finger to help me, but the IFCC did......I hope this helps....


Take care


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