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Retrospect Records - Nov. 29, 2005


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Retrospect Records is pleased to announce the following signings..


FIRE DEPT - alongside Spanky Lee , Fire Dept were based out of Kentucky and

these melodic hard rockers released one gem in 1990 that finally gets the

re-issue it deserves.


THE MAX - from Montana , this Melodic Rock / AOR band never got the

recognition they justly deserved and released two highly polished slabs of AOR that

will surely appeal to fans of The Outfield , The Koo and The Cauze. "Shadows

in the Shade" will see a facelift with new artwork , but not before we sell

out of the remaining original units.

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I just checked out Sam's site, and it really looks great... Not to mention, he has a TON of really great stuff I'd like to put in my collection this very minute.


However, I still can't get past the CD-R thing. JLP, we've addressed this before, but is there ANY chance Sam will ever release this stuff on regular silver-pressed discs? I swear I'd probably buy 15 titles or more right now if he did... I'm sure many others would follow. It's not "just" about the music to me... It's the entire package. I'm a collector as well as a fan; I think many of you agree?


Just a thought, certainly not a slam.

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Retro has started to do silver pressings on select titles. I believe the new Manilla Thrills and the new Mariah will be on silver. The prior titles, to the best of my knowledge, will not be reissued on silver.

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