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Erik Winger - You Can Have All You Want 2024 AOR

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ERIK WINGER - You Can Have All You Want (2024) *HQ* - full

ERIK WINGER is a singer / songwriter / guitarist from Western PA. For the past 22 years, he’s called Orlando, FL his home. Erik describes his sound as melodic rock / AOR / rock-pop with a strong sense of melody and harmony. Heavily influenced by artists such as KISS, Journey, Van Halen, Billy Joel, and more recently, John Mayer – Erik has etched out his own sound with a nod to the greats that inspired him.
On his new album titled “You Can Have All You Want” you can hear all these influences and we’ll add some 90s Westcoast AOR as well. And no, ERIK WINGER isn’t related to Kip Winger, but they have a similar taste on crafting fine melodies.
Certainly there’s some Journey on the title track and the AORish ‘G.F.Y. (Good for You)’, a bit of ’80s Rick Springfield on the joyful ‘Untamed Heart’, a Mitch Malloy feel with ‘Bones’, then if smooth midtempo Westcoast is your thing, ‘Reina’ and ‘It’s Never Too Late’ are simply delicious. For classy ’80s-style midpaced AOR, ‘The Long Goodbye’ is a little gem.

01 – Go!
02 – Bones
03 – You Can Have All You Want
04 – Untamed Heart
05 – G.F.Y. (Good for You)
06 – Reina
07 – On & On
08 – It’s Never Too Late
09 – The Long Goodbye
10 – Caught up in You


"Good For You" 

"The Long Goodbye"


"Untamed Heart"

"It's Never Too Late"


@Jez @Mr.AOR @Glen 

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Oh yeah, love that, but damn that song G.F.Y (good for you) just reeks of Journey's Positive Touch. Have this and his debut album Wanderlust lined up for a listen today. Excellent stuff, thanks for the heads up.

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