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Volt - Glam gun ... AI is getting scary

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Welcome to a new era of Metal music, where the raw energy of Metal meets the innovative power of artificial intelligence, thanks to the technology provided by udio.com. Each track on our channel is a testament to how AI can push the boundaries of creativity, offering a fresh and thrilling perspective on the Metal genre. From doom to power metal, our AI-generated pieces span the entire spectrum, creating experiences that are both unique and deeply rooted in Metal's soul. This song has been crafted with the support of AI technology, aiming to push the boundaries of musical creativity. Our goal is to celebrate uniqueness and contribute positively to the rich tapestry of music. If you notice any similarities with existing works, please understand it's entirely unintentional. We hold great respect for the intellectual property of artists and are committed to protecting it. Should you feel that the resemblance is too close or infringes upon someone's rights, we encourage you to reach out to us. We're open to removing the song if necessary, to uphold the integrity of artists' rights. Your feedback is invaluable in navigating these complex matters. Your support propels us forward in this exciting journey, exploring the vast potential of AI in music. By subscribing, you're joining us at the forefront of this revolutionary adventure, where every riff and beat is a step into uncharted territories of sound. Together, let's explore the limitless possibilities of AI-generated Metal music and redefine what's possible in the world of music. Thank you for being part of this groundbreaking moment.

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AI Music - Neon Nights

Shit… that’s actually pretty good. 

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