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Christian metal?

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Haha, I just googled the band. I am thinking that Christopher may be a can of Spam. 

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On 9/13/2023 at 1:39 AM, Captain Howdy said:

According to this, they are https://christian-metal.fandom.com/wiki/Possession

Also a channel on YouTube called Christianmetalfan777 posted their stuff


Just checked what made me post the above and it was this link-


Where it suggests their song themes are about demonolatry, which is the worship of demons, apparently. 

But I guess they could sing about these themes and still be christian, I guess? 

The first question I wanted to ask in this thread, though, and what I think every time I see this question come up about a band is why the original poster wants to know. Genuine curiosity about where the question about whether they're christian or not originates from, and why. 

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