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Where does everyone get music news, reviews and general discussion in 2023?

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Life has been pretty busy and it's hard to find time for this hobby but when I find myself jumping around sites and channels..kind of like scrolling through movies on a streaming channel without finding what I want.

So any good webpages or blog sites besides here?

Any good YouTube channels?

Anything else? Any good apps?


I stopped visiting melodicrock.com years ago, really miss aorheaven (just to peruse catalog and new releases and newsletter).

Some sites like sleazeroxx I find you only need to visit a few times a year.

In regards to YouTube sometimes I really enjoy shit on there busy most of the time it's a bit wordy and long. Snyder is ok I guess but I do find him mildly irritating. I like sea of tranquility but the music range covered might be a bit too broad for me personally.

I find both channels have too much content. Its amazing that they can pump it out. However, there's kots more misses than hits in terms of topics for me. I find I have to scroll their list of vids for something interesting or watch tidbits of a video to get a bit I want (and suffer through heaps of ads in the process).

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You pretty much summed up what I do too. I also like the Loudwire app. I check this list a lot https://rateyourmusic.com/list/huskerchief21/best-melodic-rock_metal_aor-albums-of-2023/

I like https://dangerdog.com/ for some reviews.

Off the top of my head, that's the main stuff for me.

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I cannot be arsed with websites or reviews, I get most of my info through social media and here.

Following record labels like Frontiers will always keep me up to date with their releases.

Following bands that I like will often lead to recommendations for bands I have no knowledge of, especially on YouTube.

What really pisses me off on YouTube is that even as an old fucker, I am tech savvy enough to use the internet to find what I want from music, yet you see these comments on YouTube videos all the time with people posting shit like "Why are there no 80s style bands anymore" or "They don't make music like this anymore".

These people make zero effort to find music then just piss and moan that the music does not exist anymore.

I don't expect them to find websites like this and become members, but I like to think that even if this website did not exist I would still be able to find loads of new bands just by social media and YouTube alone. Said this before on here, but while there are guys on here that a far more active in finding new bands, there have been several times I have found bands that people do not know about on here. It's not hard, so why do some people just want everything spoon fed to them rather than make an effort to find what they claim to want to hear?

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