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Jukebox Heroes - Jukebox Heroes (reissue + bonus tracks)


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Reissue with 6 bonus tracks out April 14th through Pride & Joy Music.
From the label:

In 1989, a promoter located in Milwaukee, WI reached out to five unconnected regional gunslinger musician/vocalists with the concept of creating an exceptional  AOR/ROCK band with a format that few bands could emulate. After meeting each other, “Jukebox Heroes” took the stage “literally” five weeks later to an oversold house at Starz on 100 in Milwaukee with a waiting line out the door.

The tour began, and soon “JBH” was in demand throughout the Midwestern US. The schedule had the group sharing the stage with the likes of 38 Special, Starship, Georgia Satellites, Styx, Robert Palmer, Kansas, REO, The Guess Who, Survivor, The Turtles, Marshall Tucker Band and ELO, some on multiple occasions. The group headlined a stage at Summerfest, the largest music festival in the US located in Milwaukee, on multiple occasions drawing thousands of fans.

Jukebox Heroes, the self titled CD, was released in 1992. The remastered version was done by Justin Perkins at “Mystery Room Mastering”. Six bonus tracks are on the CD version, three by “Floppy Disc” and three by “Knee Deep” are two of Kalista’s previous projects. “In Each Others Eyes” features Kalista along with “Keedy” (Arista Records).

Jukebox Heroes, the self titled CD is a unique combination of stellar musicianship, vocals and harmony arrangements in an AOR/Pop Rock genre.

Dennis Panneck - guitar & vocals
Tony Roland - guitar, flute & vocals
Steve Marino - keyboards & vocals
Jim Praefke – bass & vocals
Ron Kalista - drums & vocals


1. Rock & Roll Star 2:54
2. Mission 4:25
3. If You Ever Fall 4:41
4. Time Flies 4:58
5. In Each Others Eyes 5:12
6. Heartbreakin' Story 4:50
7. We Are Not Alone 4:30
8. Cheat On Me 2:50
9. The Homeless 6:05
10. Alien Flowers 4:19
11. Solder Of Fortune (performer – Floppy Disc) (bonus track) 4:21
12. Don't Ask Me Why (performer – Floppy Disc) (bonus track) 4:19
13. My Back Pages (performer – Floppy Disc)  (bonus track) 3:28
14. Everybody Knows (performer – Knee Deep) (bonus track) 3:23
15. It's Gonna Take Time (performer – Knee Deep) (bonus track) 4:17
16. Freedom  (performer – Knee Deep) (bonus track) 3:49




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  • Stefan changed the title to Jukebox Heroes - Jukebox Heroes (reissue + bonus tracks)
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I picked this up but if I'm honest its done little for me,some songs I like others I really don't :( 

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As a hoarder it belongs in the collection. Some good stuff on it so it's ok to have.

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    • Yeah, I felt that Auslander was having a go at those who are easily offended, not Andrew.  I think the wombat got the wrong end of the stick.
    • This makes my brain hurt. You literally cannot win in this day and age.    
    • Bringing politics into a post about a band we are all here to celebrate isn't a good look, and that's coming from me, a right winger, because somebody would like a proper real release as in the original artwork and the way we bought it in 86 isn't being a right winger, it's being a good audiophile, I too think it's absurd to finally give this album a proper release after waiting so long for it, then to completely alter it for the sake of what? it's a re-release, that is going to be bought by people who already know what it is, and not some clueless stick figure buying it on a whim, It just kind of feels like a slap in the face, primarily because we all have a semi good idea as to why it's being changed, and that isn't right wing, that's actually left wing these days, so should I not buy it cause its altered? just to make a political point? I mean since you aren't concerned about him being offended? well I guess I could be labeled "others", and I would think you'd be a bit more understanding why someone would be irked over the decision, and it aint because they voted for Trump or Biden, but if me and him don't buy it you'd be losing a sale right? you can say you don't care, but if everybody didn't buy it to make a point, then you'd care, so why play to the people who aren't going to buy it regardless? instead of the people waiting decades for it to be released? that's all he's saying, you don't gotta be an asshole. If you knew him you'd know how horrible calling him a right winger is to him, as I assure you he's not, I feel I gotta say something, I blew it off originally but since the curtain got pulled back I feel the same way he does, but I'm not gonna fight over it, and it is a valid feeling and im sure others possess it, so you can call me all the names you want, talk about my mom, or my ex, you can trash me and my politics, I welcome it, but you really don't gotta bag on somebody for being a little put off over a 1st time release and the only CD release of an album many of us here love, BTW, regardless what you say to me, I'll still buy it, and I still appreciate what your doing even if I disagree with how your doing it, cool bro. now lets here what a fascist i am.
    • Thanks 4 the heads up bro, I truly appreciate it
    • Year of the Dog - Trench Dogs
    • Horses and Needles - Brother Cane
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