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Evolution Eden - Sonic Cinema


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Blood Runs Wild is the first single official music video taken from Evolution Eden - Sonic Cinema CD | Released 31 March 2023 on Lions Pride Music. 
For nearly 20 years, Evolution Eden has been creating a sonic cocktail that goes down smooth, while giving your ears the buzz they crave. There’s a familiarity to the band’s sound, as they clearly draw upon their Classic Rock, Hard Rock and Power Pop influences, but their unique take makes it fresh and distinct. The band consists of the tag-team-fronted duo of lead guitarist/vocalist Brandon Owen and rhythm guitarist/vocalist Mike “Pap” Pappas, and the powerhouse rhythm section of bass guitarist/backing vocalist Mike McShane, and drummer/backing vocalist Brian Powell. EE has proven to be a crowd pleaser to all audiences with a high energy, all live show of diverse tunes that get the blood pumping, hands clapping, and heads banging - big shows, big acts, and big crowds are the norm for EE. While traveling in support of the "who's-who" of Rock Nobility including artists such as Dokken, Warrant, Y & T, Richie Kotzen, Winger, Stryper, Mr. Big, Queensrÿche, Ratt, Sebastian Bach, Firehouse, Blue Öyster Cult, Kix, Winger, The Babys, The Motels, Lynch Mob, Jack Russell's Great White, Enuff z Nuff, The Last in Line, and many more, EE has played well over 300 headlining and supporting shows. 
With their latest release, Sonic Cinema, the band showcases an expanded repertoire of musical styles and a serious approach to meeting the needs of every modern and classic rock fan. Evolution Eden's maturation as songwriters once again takes center stage on this, the 6th release of their illustrious career. The 12 tracks span everything from in-your-face rock songs like "On With The Show", "Blood Runs Wild" and "Music Man" to the work hard/play hard anthem “Here’s To The Good Times”, the nostalgic “The Wild Ones”, and heartfelt acoustic-driven ballads like "A Good Thing" and the epic "Land of OZ". 
While powerful and meaningful lyrics have always been at the heart of every EE song, the band has somehow managed to take it up a notch not only in lyrical prowess and hook-laden melodies, but also with their rock-solid musicianship. It is clear that EE has been putting in the work, as their collective musical chops have taken a huge leap forward, matching the depth of their storytelling abilities. Quite simply, it's rock and roll that is good for the soul. Sonic Cinema is true to its title - telling the story of all our lives through music, melody and words like only Evolution Eden can.
Evolution Eden is:
Brandon Owen (Guitars, Lead Vocals)
Mike "Pap" Pappas (Guitars, Lead Vocals)
Mike McShane (Bass Guitar, Vocals) Brian Powell (Drums, Vocals) 
CD Track list: 
01. On With The Show
02. Blood Runs Wild
03. Here's To The Good Times
04. Love's Got A Mind Of It's Own
05. A Good Thing
06. Music Man
07. Bad Habit I Don't Wanna Break
08. The Wild Ones
09. If Love Is War
10. Don't Let It Go To Waste
11. I Gotta Find My Way Back To You
12. Land Of Oz







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Great band name and title/artwork.

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