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Lone Wolf - Grand Theft Auto (2022)


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Very cool album and just an interesting story around this dude. For those who don't know, this is the ex lead singer of the band Bad Wolves. And as an aside, this will appeal to any of those fans. 

But following this release, I went down a bit of a rabbithole, I believe they say, and it was a very interesting journey. Apparently the dude's a bit outspoken, and not in a manner that suits the mainstream. Just check this song from the album if you're unsure of how he views what's happened in recent years-

But if I understand correctly, his departure from Bad Wolves was due to his views and as the kids say these days, attempts at getting him "cancelled." Watched an interview with him and he's an interesting character. 

Either way, cool album and as noted above, a must for any Bad Wolves fans. 

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