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Alirio - All Things Must Pass


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From Frontiers:

Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the signing of Brazilian singer Alirio to the label for a multi-album deal. His Frontiers Music Srl debut, “All Things Must Pass” is out now.

Alirio is a Brazilian singer and actor, one of the most recognized rock voices in Brazil and up-and-coming names amongst the greatest singers in the country. Whether it’s on stage, in the studio, or performing in musical theatre, Alirio makes a strong impression with his powerful voice, amazing range, and effortless control. "I consider myself a very eclectic songwriter when it comes to styles of rock. My favorite songwriters at the moment, and also huge influences, are Chris Cornell, George Harrison and, obviously, Queen," says Alirio.

Of the meaning behind the first single from the album, he continues, "Power is constantly shifting hands and you gotta try to make the most of it while you have it. But that too will pass, and, when it does, will you have been true to yourself or have been corrupted by the system?"

“All Things Must Pass” will be Alirio’s international album debut. It embraces a wide range of rock and hard rock styles, always allowing space for great melodies and soaring ballads. The musicians on the album include drummer Adriano Daga (Grammy award winner as a producer) and bassist Felipe Andreoli (Angra). And none other than Journey vocalist Arnel Pineda appears for a duet on the album.

"I am thrilled and truly heartfelt in being a part of the Frontiers family,” says Alirio. "This album is very special to me, not only for featuring really close friends who are well known worldwide, but specially for the passion and truth I put into every single note of this album. I have to say that this might be the most honest work of my career. Having a record label of this magnitude believe in my music in such a rough moment for the whole world is a huge blessing."

As a rock singer, Alirio has fronted the band Khallice, who had signed to the prog rock label Magna Carta for the release of their debut album, “The Journey”. Alirio was also in the metal band Age of Artemis, who released two albums, one of them produced by renowned singer and producer Edu Falaschi (ex-Angra). More recently, he joined the band Shaman as a replacement for the departed Andre Matos.

Alirio has also participated in several musical theatre productions, including the lead “Galileo” in “We Will Rock You”, the official musical production by Queen. He was also later announced as the new lead singer for the band “Queen Extravaganza”, which led Roger Taylor to comment, “Alirio is not only a superlative singer, he is also a great showman.”

Alirio also dubbed to Portuguese the character “Lefu” in the Beauty and the Beast live action by Disney.


Additionally, Alirio has also played the role of Jesus in the official Mexican production of “Jesus Christ Superstar”. He also played the role of Judas in the official Brazilian production of the same show, for which he was nominated 2014's Best Lead Actor by the “Estado de São Paulo” newspaper. This led to doors opening for him in his home country, where performances soon followed on some of the main TV shows in Brazil. He performed on the biggest talk show in the country, hosted by Jo Soares, among various other TV shows including Altas Horas, Faustão, The Noite, Jornal Hoje, Jornal do SBT, Jornal da Globo, and Programa Todo Seu, and he also performed on the TV show “Good Morning L.A.” in the United States along with the Queen Extravaganza.



1. All Things Must Pass

2. Let It All Burn (Feat. Hugo Mariutti)

3. Here I Am

4. Back To The Roots

5. The First Time

6. Edinburgh

7. Back To The Light (Feat. Andria Busic)

8. I'm Still Here (Feat. Ivan Busic)

9. Grey (Feat. Arnel Pineda)

10. You Hate (Feat. Alberto Rionda)

11. Breeze (Bonus Track Digital)

12. Come With Me (Bonus Track Digital)

13. Gipsy ( Bonus Track Digital Feat.Livia Dabarian)

14. Mentiras (Feat. Alberto Rionda) (Bonus Track Digital)

15. Nada Se Compara (Bonus Track Digital)









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