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VAMP - Telephone Love Affair


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I’ve just received a copy of the new VAMP CD release from Metallicblue Records and I have to say, I was totally surprised.  For those unknowing, this is the band that later became known as HARLOT with a few personnel changes and the addition of a keyboardist.  This release is enough to drive any AOR/melodic rock lover wild and is a remarkable effort by these musicians.

From the very beginning they quickly deliver an anthemic tune titled “Telephone Love Affair” which is the title of the album.  Once the initial riff takes over, it becomes inevitable to turn up the volume and become submerged in the musical delight this album delivers through it’s entirety.

The tracks “Addicted” and “Ready To Rock” are perfect examples of the band’s ability to put out melodic eargasm tracks with a feel good vibe to it and surely to become fan favorites.  Of course, every great AOR album has mid tempo tracks that hypnotize the listener with their mellow sound.   “Heard You Cryin” is one of those and the listener is treated to two different versions of this ballad on the album.  

There are a total of 16 tracks on this CD.   The first 10 tracks are studio recordings and the final 7 are live recordings.   I must say, I am generally not a fan of live tracks, but, there are exceptions and this is one of them.   When listening to these live tracks, the listener is not exposed to the constant screaming and noise in the background.   These are excellently recorded live tracks directly from a sound board which was a pleasure to my ears.

Overall, “Telephone Love Affair” has a stadium rock vibe, displaying excellent musicianship with brilliant riffs, atmospheric keys, and dazzling guitar work, that shows without any doubt that the name of the game here is simple: high-quality melodic rock.


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On 10/2/2021 at 10:18 AM, Delbert said:

There are a total of 16 tracks on this CD.   The first 10 tracks are studio recordings and the final 7 are live recordings

It's ok. Maths isn't for everyone. 


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