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Nova Rockafeller(Tom Macdonalds GF)


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She started actually singing instead of rapping, she is legit good, I hope she totally gets away from rap and does more of this type of shit,



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Did you know she does all Tom's videos, shes almost genius at that, they did snowflakes in their garage, I just see big possibilitys for her if she would pursue further down this road, Tom makes all her music, and he's pretty good, Its just refreshing to see a couple like them who are actually talented at something other then Only Fans, I hope they both continue to climb, it's good to have some pro America Canadians at the front of shit.

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11 hours ago, AlphaMale said:

Does nobody bother to search for threads anymore before they post?

It only takes a second to check if their is already a thread on something.


Yeah you werent presenting this song, oh I get it, I have to go find Russ, wait for him to respond, then get the go ahead, but seriously I dont have the fucking time to check for if somebodys already put something on here, you act like I can pay attention long enough to do that, hell no, now what were you saying about Nova and Spunk? you got some home vids of her?? I'd like to see spunk, all over her cheekies!

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And yes I remembered somebody posted something about her, no I didnt have time to look for it, I had time to post the vid, write a real quick block of info, then I had to go get an MRI, so It wasnt that important at the time, if you'd like we can each copy and paste our separate Nova threads into 1 thread that way they are combined, then we can give Dan some Ludes to delete the separate 2 threads, sound like a plan or what?

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well i didnt think you were being serious, if so you need some ludes,

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