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Stereotide (Stephan Kämmerer of Frontline)


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Did I really just witness that 'Happy Life' clip? That's one of the actual worst things I've seen in my life. Horrific song too.

'Someday,' however, is magnificent. Didn't expect that after listening to 'Happy life' first. 

'Find someone' is nice too. 

'All together' is solid.

Don't like the cover tune and the video's not miles away from 'Happy Life.' 

The dude was in an amazing band in Frontline and this project seems pretty cool too, but the fella is not made for video. 

Anyway, do I understand correctly that this band has just been releasing random singles since 2013? No album or EP or anything yet??

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That's a nice song. I like that. 

Man, whatever you think of this dude's voice, it has held up since day one. I'd even argue that he sounds better today than he did on the first Frontline album. 

Just wish they'd release an album with everything put together in one nice, sexy place. 

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Touch the Sky - Cringasaurus Rex; the song, and that hat. The song's not good, but the hat is worse. 

Heroes - you can't do that, surely. It's a decent song, if not extremely familiar at time in that chorus. But the Frontline song of the same name is better. 

Legendary - don't love the lyrics, but a nice melodic number. 

Thanks God It's Christmas - pass the vomit bag (and please fill it with a toxic gas so it ends quickly). That's one of the worst things I've ever seen and heard, but I assume there must be a story behind that? I assume it was recorded for a children's show, or something? Either way, I hate every single thing about it with a fiery passion. 


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His voice has held up well...but the most of this material is not my thing at all...my wife would probably like em..the sound very similar but not as good as a local band near me making waves called Lavengro...who have been gaining airplay on Radio One etc and just back from tours/shows in US and other destinations...added a video in case someone has a liking for their type of stuff...


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