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Stone Whiskey - "Empty Eyes"

Dead Planet

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STONE WHISKEY – Rebels Of The Sun (2021)

May 7, 2021


STONE WHISKEY - Rebels Of The Sun (2021) full

Based out of Raleigh, North Carolina, STONE WHISKEY is a classic American hard rock band building on the time tested 5-piece formula of hard hitting, rebellious rock n’ roll taking inspiration from the Seventies / Eighties. “Rebels Of The Sun” is their debut album, however the band has been on the road for many years now, and all its members are seasoned cats with several projects under their belt.

STONE WHISKEY’s classic sound was brought to life into the studio by producer Anthony Focx, whose more than 500 releases include Night Ranger, Vince Neil, Aerosmith and 17 gold and platinum awards.

Their music got all the key ingredients for this genre: big vocals, strong double guitar work, catchy hooks and stories delivered with just the right amount of swagger and character. And while the songs on “Rebels Of The Sun” sound updated to current times, the spirit of the golden age is all over here.

Each of the record’s nine tracks deliver a hefty dose of high-energy rock n’roll. Drawing comparisons to Guns N’ Roses’ early recordings, STONE WHISKEY has already garnered praise for their classic sound, with fans enthusing that the Raleigh-based quintet is carrying the old school rock ‘n’ roll torch for a new generation.

‘Out on the City’, ‘Into the Moonlight’, and ‘Troublemaker’ kick ass with groove and authenticity, and there’s something to Alan Rueda’s vocals that give to these rocking numbers something special.

Very well produced – the rhythm section is clear and bright, while guitars come sharp – “Rebels Of The Sun” is a very solid and entertaining piece of classic hard rock with the American feel of yesteryear.

Highly Recommended


1 Into the Moonlight
2 Empty Eyes
3 Rebels of the Sun
4 Out on the City
5 Troublemaker
6 Mirror
7 Feels Like Yesterday
8 Talkin’ Dirty
9 Livin’ Wild

Alan Rueda – Vocals
Bill Spears – Guitar
Chris Clark – Guitar
Jim Hunter – Bass
Mike Ropelewski – Drums



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