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Hot Action Cop - ST




Hot Action Cop Latino.jpg


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Amazing album.
Not many here will appreciate it. Would be labelled are white rap or something like that, but full of solid guitars, hooks and quality lyrics and songs.
All their stuff after that has also bee excellent.

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U.And their knack for pulling off choruses that are burned into your subconscious the very first listen, I think what makes them so different outside the fact they clearly have extreme musical talent, is that they really don't do the standard white boy rap rock/metal that was so prevalent in the early 2000s, they tend to do almost rap pop at times,along with clear punk, emo, and reggae, plus Tim, the guitar player constantly touts his fav bands growing up as Tiger Tailz, Savatage and Jetboy! Quite a broad field of melodic and alt melodic bands. And Rob unloads on the 1st single off their 2nd album House Of Pain, showing that he can sing as good if not better then even Justin Timberlake who like him or not, does no how to sing

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yeah, house of pain is certainly never going to attract fly by fans of the debut, but anyone who knows anything about music, cannot deny, if they like the song house of pain or hate it, nobody can make any kind of argument using facts, that the amount of talent on display is nothing short of perfection, it's of itself, a perfect pop dance tune, nothing relevant to Doom Boom or Show Her, but on other levels, probably their over all best song by a long shot.

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