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If I may be so bold (forgotten albums)


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If I may make a suggestion, I'd like to offer the, to my knowledge, little known album by a band called Denaro. The album was released in the midst of the grunge surge in 1992  and I don't think there was ever a follow up, which was too bad. 

Personally, I think it's an excellent album. Here's a sample:

Denaro - She's a Digger

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Monster sound and I always liked 'Tell me why,' but sadly that's about where it ends for me with this band. None of the other songs did anything for me. But, it sure sounded killer with that beefy production job.

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Yeah great production/sound but overall a few very good songs...more than some release though  :) but the rest are just ok for me...I never actually picked this up until a good few years later...because in part i'd never knew that it was released.

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