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Forgotten Hard Rock Albums: New American Shame - "New American Shame" (1999)


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Another in my series of forgotten or overlooked albums. After the demise of hair metal in 1992/1993, grunge had destroyed the rest of the 90's. When out of nowhere, I heard a sample of a Seattle band. But they weren't grunge. They were ass kicking rock and roll. Could not wait to hear this album and I was not disappointed!! What a killer fucking record. Everyone must own this!!

My favorites:






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Heck yea! Excellent choice and boy do I have some stories about these guys... I remember a sunny summer afternoon day in Fife in the late 80's and Jim coming running out on the porch of the Tramp House where we all crashed and he says read this, so I did and it was a song called Doghouse. We song it through a hundred times, tweaked a few lines and jumped around like we just took over the world. Great memory and that early version recorded by Tramp Alley is not far removed from the NAS version, a little sleazier and a few different versus, cuz well it was still the 80's after all. Man I wish Jim and Johny would do something again.

For completists go get the Will Records version. The later version has more tunes but the earlier issue has a waaay better cover and of course you can find me inside...

Image result for new american shame cd will records

Here's a few that may have been on the NAS 2nd album...

And lets not forget the Crow Salvation cut (this one is also on the self titled Japanese version only of course:


And the "official" vidja for American Shame! I remember Jim coming over with the VHS of this before it came out, so killer and exciting we were so juiced about the whole thing! And this one is my faves from the shame, so much so a line from it is in my siggies, "Is, was and always will be an american shame".


I have some other demos of stuff that should see the light of day (NAS 2) but probably never will including the infamous "Foot On the Pedal (Heavy Metal) which the band recorded for the Heavy Metal 2000 soundtrack and then were told no thanks at the 11th hour, shame (literally) as it is a kick arse tune.


Thanks for the thread, made my Friday!

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Not a bad album - solid for sure. But I kind of lumped this in with Backyard Babies, Buckcherry and early Hardcore Superstar and passed on it all pretty quick. :( 

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